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Does God Exist?

Read this story some time back, and just remembered it today…

A college professor who hated Christians loved to ridicule them during his lectures. One day, he asked the class (and aiming the question at the Christians), “How many of you believe that God exists?” A number of hands shot up, some faster than others. Then he mocked, “If God exists, and He is good, then why is there so much evil in the world?”


Then a hand shot up. “Yes, young man, you have a question?” asked the professor in response the raised hand. The young student stood up and said, “Sir, does cold exist?”

The professor was mildly shocked, but remained his composture and replied, “don’t be stupid, of course cold exists! It is the main reason why so many of you are wearing sweaters and jackets and the like in the lectures! Can you not feel it around you; even you are wearing a jacket!” The student then replied, “Sir, to tell the truth, cold does not exist by itself. We may feel it, but it is merely the absence of heat or warmth.”

The student then asked another question. “Sir, does darkness exist?” Again the professor was amused and further infuriated at the waste of his precious lecture time. “Of course it exists! Should I turn off the lights in the lecture theatre, it would surround you immediately!” The student then replied, “Sir, to tell the truth, darkness in and of itself does not exist. In your words, you would have to “turn off the lights” for darkness to fall upon the lecture theatre – darkness is simply the absence of light.”

Then came the clincher; the student proceeded to ask, “Sir, does evil exist?” The professor smiled to himself, having anticipated the question as a follow-up to his initial argument. “Of course evil exists; we have witnessed it throughout history, through men like Hitler, or evil deeds such as genocide – can you prove that it does not exist?”

The student then delivered the final blow to the professor’s ego. “Sir, with all due respect, evil does not exist. What we see in your examples: men like Hitler, and the act of genocide, are merely the product of evil. Evil is simply the absence of God.”

And the student sat back down.

Yup, it’s over. Can’t say i’m happy about it, but i’m definately not too sad about it having gone past already. I’ve had happy times, i’ve had annoying times, all in this season. spent lotsa time with jo doing nothing at all, and i’m sure we enjoyed ourselves. =) people like her give the angels inspiration.

But i was reminded by her about something really simple – how to spell. Spell “Christmas“. Not “Xmas“. Don’t replace “Christ” with an “X” – don’t cross Him out of the season. Don’t forget what Christmas is truly about. Don’t take the cause away from the effect.

Yet with all the commercialism and advertising, it’s sadly so easy. Santa Claus wants you to buy more gifts to show you love your family. Employers give you bonuses at the end of the year. Shopping malls have sales and discounts, before, during and after Christmas. No where do we see Jesus in the picture.

But remember, He’s there. He’s everywhere. He’s walking down Orchard Road, sitting in the movies, at the homes of people. During Christmas, but not limited to this season, remember Jesus.

Remember the reason for the season.

Got this off from Flang’s blog (for those of you who know him)…thought it’d be something that might be meaningful to all of us students and perhaps a bit more timely for the NUS ppl =)

Grades Greatness or Grace
Man looks at our grades,
But God looks at our faith.
Though grades appeal to man,
God only requires the best.
The best may be “F” or “A”,
But God says, “Be not dismayed”,
For it is never a disgrace to fail,
However, it’s no grace if one does not prevail.
So cheer up my soul, study your best,
For God only demands what we have.
Be careful also my friend,
Good grades don’t always mean success.
For doing well is not enough,
It’s your BEST that really counts.
“But Lord, I know I cannot do my best”
Hallelujah! All is possible with prayer.
Be not anxious then,
Or panic in facing your exams.
For Christ who died to save your soul,
Will never leave you alone.
Healthy, your soul will be,
If His faithfulness you see.
For then you will understand.
It’s only He who had made you stand.
Therefore, arise my soul,
And let us all disappoint the Foe.
For we shall give our very best,
Let God take care of the rest.
So, no matter what the results may be,
We can always rest in His peace.
For God is able to give us all distinctions,
But this is clearly not His intention.
For God has made us all unique,
So that it’s You and only You,
Can His perfect will be fulfilled.
God has always accepted you.
For He’s the one who had created you.
So, do not compare or despair,
For in His sight you’re always fair.
I know He will surely see you through,
Showing you He’s the God of tomorrow too!
Quite meaningful…kudos to Flang for this finding this poem off i-don’t-know-where…

But surprisingly, there’s not much “Christmas Spirit” in the air this year. The last few years i could feel the festivities and merriness radiating from everyone around me – this year…

Everytime around this season, i start thinking. Not just for gifts for people, or things to do for performances, but about the season itself. What with Mr. S. Claus zooming around with Dasher and Prancer and Donner and Blitzen, Comet and Cupid and etc etc etc, and the Grinch (don’tcha love that show?), still i’m afraid that we’ve really missed out the true meaning of Christmas.

2000 years ago, there were no reindeer, no Grinch, no Santy Claus. Just a quiet star in the sky, a humble manger, and a few shepherds.

And speaking of Santa Claus, i’m going to have to lose this tummy of mine before the kids start believing in him..getting fat..hahaha =)

What is Love?

Often times many philosophers ask this question, and come up with many answers. We see a lot of descriptions of love in the commercial world, especially so during Valentine’s Day and other such events.

Some say love is a warm feeling that takes over your mind and soul when the person of your dreams comes by, that “butterflies in the stomach” you get when she looks at you, and the chills down your spine you experience when she calls your name.

Some say love is an ugly monster which brings your hopes high and lets you see the beauty of the world for just a moment and then takes it away from you, plunging you into the deepest of hells in torment of all you just saw but can never have.

Some say love is actions put to place when you have a “good feeling” about someone, helping with her work, or trying to make things easier for her.

I won’t argue with the possible definitions of love, but I will state mine.

Love was when God became a man, trapped in time and space, without rank or place.
Love was when God came to this earth, in a manger small, to conquer our curse.
Love was when God chose to obey, though He created the universe at His say.
Love was when Jesus carried the cross, bleeding, whipped and flogged, bearing all our loss.
Love was how Jesus hung up in pain, and before He leaves cries “Father, forgive them”.

Love was God, born to bleed and die, so to love and save one such as I.

Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for a friend.

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.

I guess you’d say:
“What can make me feel this way?”
My girl – Talkin’ ’bout my girl.

I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me.
I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees.

Dedicated to the someone special in my life…=)

Did you miss it?

I’m always facinated by sunrises, especially those in mountainous areas.

The sun peeks through the clouds, rays of light in spectrums of colours illuminating the sky, bringing an end to the darkness and hope to the heart. And though the sun sets every evening, it rises with a grand beauty again the next morning – just less than twelve hours apart.

I try to watch the sunrise, of course many times i miss it. But what amazes me is that God creates each sunrise uniquely and never fails to make it on time. In the way Max Lucado puts it, God could have gotten fed up with you missing this spectacular masterpiece of art each morning for only-He-knows how many years, and said “forget it, there’s no point making a new one each morning for these humans who don’t even notice it.” But He doesn’t.

It kinda reminds me of how God is faithful in all things that He does. Even though we fall time and time again (at least i do), but He’s still there for me, especially when i need Him the most.

Perhaps some people wouldn’t agree with me, and they feel that God isn’t with them at all. To those people i’d like to tell you to give Him a chance. It might be hard and you might have had some bad experiences in the past, but nobody’s born a believer (and i know that nobody’s born an atheist too…)

The sunrise. His mercy. His faithfulness. His grace.

Did you miss it?

To tell or not to tell?

i’m not talking about relationships this time (enough of that for a while). say one of your friends thanks you for something that you did, just that you didn’t do it with that exact same intention. a rather selfish intention, as a matter of fact, just that he or she doesn’t know. not that your friend thinks that you have another pure intention, he or she just thinks you did it from second nature, but that wasn’t the case.

do you risk telling your friend and being honest, at the possible cost of your friendship? one may argue that the friendship should be based on honesty and trust, and as such, you should do so. the ideal is that because you are honest with each other, the friendship will grow deeper and stronger, but that isn’t usually the case is it? usually it’s because you tell a friend something that he or she doesn’t want to hear and the friendship is ruined. (of course, another argument is that if your friend is hurt in hearing your honest statement, then perhaps it’s not worth having such a friend as you can’t be honest with him or her, but i don’t agree with that because people can have their own opinions and conclusions and besides, it really is your fault.) so in being honest, it can go either way.

but with hiding the truth, it can go either way too. if your friend never finds out, then everything goes on smooth and peachy and both of you live your lives as normal and eventually even you will forget what you did and nobody (except God) will know what you did with that intention of yours. but what if one day circumstances force your hand and you have to tell? your friend could again have two options: be hurt that you should hide something from him or her, or trust that you had your reasons to hide it and continue to believe in you. but how likely is the latter to happen? the reality shows us that that trust, when broken, isn’t easily mended; hence the saying “once bitten twice shy”. it takes a great amount of faith in the person to simply believe that he or she has his reasons, and you don’t know if your friend has that great faith in you.

So what do you do? tell your friend and risk the friendship? or hide it from your friend and risk the friendship?

To tell or not to tell, that is the question…

DISCLAIMER: the following post is simply a set of my private thoughts. any resemblance to a person is purely coincidental. if you are offended in any way by such deep thoughts from me, then don’t read the post. =) (too bad)

Got around to thinking this when i was talking to a friend. Actually, it wasn’t asked, but after the conversation i started seriously thinking about this – what am i looking for in a gf?

yeah yeah yeah i know it’s kinda weird to be thinking about it, and most of you will tell me that “when it happens, it happens”. and you know what? i agree with you on that. but i also think that it’s a good idea to have a rough gauge of what i expect of someone whom hopefully will live the rest of my life with me.

..she could be talented in sports, playing all the games that i love to play, and we’d spend many happy days in the sun, sand and sea (and land of course) having fun with other friends..

..she could be musically inclined and we’d play together on whatever instruments we can, romancing each other with duets of love songs (yeah i know, i’m a romantic)..

..she could be sentimental and caring to the extent that we’d both buy things for each other for no special occasion, but simply because “i thought of you when i saw this”, and listens to me (and of course i to her) whenever i have problems of my own, just to share the burden..

but you know wat? all these eventually struck me as non-essentials.

i love music, but she doesn’t have to be able to sing or play the piano or guitar or anything; she just has to love music with me, even if it’s just listening.

i love sports and the outdoors, but she doesn’t have to be an avid swimmer, or cyclist, or blader, or canoeist, or etc; it’s be nice if once in a while we get out to the outdoors together, maybe for a picnic or just to lie on the grass and look at the sky.

i love gifts and the feeling of being cared for, but everyone has his or her own life; i can’t expect her to keep me actively in her mind all the time, nor spend excessive amounts of time with me even when i’m going through a rough patch – she has her own things.

in the end, what i finally thought i needed was something very simple. of course if she could do all those things above, it’d be great as well, but seriously what’s needed is just this: that she loves my God and she loves me for who i am and not what i can do.

now that i’ve settled the what, the problem of the who comes out…but i think i’ll leave that alone for now – it’s enough to know that i know what i’m looking for. i’d honestly like to say that “it’s all in God’s hands”, but i’m afraid that isn’t actively the truth. i’m just biding my time at the moment, with no one in mind (yes, read that again – no one in mind) and not closing any doors.

if anyone cares to walk through it..we’ll see. like i said, “when it happens, it happens”. =)