Now Unto Him

Now unto Him who is able
To keep you from falling
And to make you stand in His presence
Blameless and with great joy

To the only God our Saviour
Through Jesus Christ our Lord
Be the glory, and the majesty
Dominion, and authority
For now and ever,

Amended the lyrics as noted by a friendly commenter! 😀

  1. jcasto

    we say this after every service… love it

  2. jan

    this is my perfect assignment tnx lord!!!

  3. redi2go

    And every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord of all.
    Even so come Lord Jesus.

  4. My Grandmother wrote this

  5. jabbers

    It’s “THROUGH Jesus Christ our Lord” in the second line of the second verse.


  6. Its really a very nice song..really touching.

  7. Finece Hames

    I have been looking for this song Now Unto Him in it’s entirety can someone please help me by directing me to a web site lyric site with the singer and complete version? Thank you.

  8. Clifford

    oh thank God i found it. i’ve been looking for this song since i heard it in our annointing siminar i love it!! God bless us all…

  9. jahrzy

    hello is there anyone can post the lyrics of now unto him performed by cadet sister?

    thank you so much…

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