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I tend to start conversations with this question…and i often get it asked back, duh. My response is always the same – “Life is beautiful”. Recently other’s responses have caused me to think why i say that with such conviction.

Have i not been through hard times? Maybe no one near me passed away, but i have seen days of pain and nights of tears. Those near me will testify to that. Life can painful…

Have i not struggled? I have a good environment to study in (sometimes), to hold my faith in, and i don’t have to deal with things such as a broken family and extreme financial difficulties. But i’ve seen my share of loneliness and i’ve had internal battles that rage on so violently i can physically feel them. Life can be hard….

Have i not felt sorrow? I may not have been exposed to genocides or mass murders, but the human soul is something so fragile and so precious that the mere touch of it can shatter it to pieces – that alone is enough. Life can be sad…

Have i nothing to endure? I may not be in a living hell or a torture chamber, but like everyone in this world, i’ve had to deal with unfairness (may i be so bold as to say i’ve had much more than my fair share of it), i’ve experienced injustice and very often been the object of hatred. Life can be unbearable…

Yet underneath it all, when you see through the tears, when you rise above the mountains of hardships, when you finally learn to fight the battles in your heart…Life is still beautiful.

I don’t claim to be past all these things. Sometimes i just feel like crying and in the secrecy of my room and under the blanket, i weep. Sometimes the pain is so unbearable i have to sleep (“To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub!” – Hamlet). But life will remain as beautiful as it always is.

Why? Why is it that life can still be beautiful despite all that the world destroys and evil tears down? My answer is your question. Life is beautiful simply because of these hardships. I’m no masochist and believe me when i say that i’d gladly trade all this pain and suffering for a bed of roses. But it is because of these that we are able to see the good against the bad. (“The irony of the entire existance of evil is that it inspires man to do good” – Mastermind, X-men: The Age of Apocalypse) The tears will show the smiles. The war will show the peace. The rough seas will show the straight paths of life. And those straight paths are what makes life beautiful.

Roses always have thorns. But you don’t look at the thorns when you buy the rose – you look at the rose. That’s why you buy the rose in the first place. (Imagine: “Box of thorns – 2 for $3”)

Life is beautiful – it always is.

Now repeat that after me.

Why does it take so much to trust God? Are we intrisically unable to fully lay confidence in Him and Him alone?

Would we still want to live and carry out what’s left of our lives if we’ve found that God’s presence will not be with us?

“Where your treasure is, your heart is also” – so where do i perceive my treasure to be?

We are made weak so that He is made strong; As the “I” must decrease, He must increase.

God help me to lay down everything before you again, and trust that You will handle things the way thatYou see fit, the way that is best for me.

as told by the redbean

One day, God asked me to walk an animal for Him. Thinking He must have been busy with all the universal issues, i said yes and He handed me a snail.

“WHAT?! A SNAIL!?!?! but but but but…” I wasn’t too happy with the arrangement, especially so coz i felt that my capabilities were far beyong that walking a snail. I could run, even stroll faster than a snail – why that of all animals? But the deal had been done. So i took the leash and strung it round his neck, or whatever you call it that snails have, and started walking.

I’d take a step, then stand there like a mime doing his “freeze” thingy for about half an hour, while waiting for the snail to make his slimy way to where i was. I’d tap my feet, drum my fingers against my thighs and look at my watch, hoping that he’d get the hint, but no……he had no sense of urgency. He took his time to inch forward, sometimes even stopping altogether. As if he needed a break!

I got fed up. Didn’t i have things to do? Places to be? People to meet? Yet i’m stuck here with this snail who was moving at (excuse the pun) a snail’s pace! I decided to walk further ahead (the leash was long enough, thankfully) and sit on the grass to wait for the fella.

Hmm. The grass was rather cool. Comfortable. Breeze was blowing through the trees. Calming. Lay back for a while and stare at the sky. Fluffy clouds. Blue sky. Made me feel like zzz….

Then suddenly i woke up with a start! How long have i dozed off for? Where was the snail? I looked around and thankfully found that i didn’t crush him in my sleep – he was looking at me. In any other situation i would have freaked out, but i noticed the sunset behind him. Never seen one like it. Magnificent. And when i looked back at the snail, i could almost see a smile on his face (snails do have mouths, don’t they?).

Then i realised the truth of the situation. God didn’t ask me to take the snail for a walk – He asked the snail to take me for a walk.