Random Thoughts at the End of the Day

And the day has passed. Not particularly productive, but at least there's some semblance of movement of work i guess. Tomorrow's going to have to be hectic again, to catch up on time i spent doing other things today.

Choir rehearsal was…weird. They got me to lead the guys' sections and warmups and i had no idea how to do the former, though i did prepare a bit for the latter but i don't think it was very good. They just need more time to work on their own tones and pitchings, and they just don't have the time, some of them not even the passion.

I just had this thought – my performance for the preliminaries for Can You Make It? was my best shot already. The performance for the finals might not live up to the expectations of the judges or the crowd, and i don't wish to hear something like "your first song was better than this" come out, yet i know there's nothing i can do about it but try my best coz there's no other song that i can sing at this point of time. I just hope it appeals to them and i don't disappoint.

Anyway it's time to sleep – i've been up since 7 this morning and i plan to wake up at 7 tmr or at the latest 8 tmr. Friends are asking for help and so i've got to get my own work done on a separate time.

Good night and sweet dreams, if you're reading this before you sleep.

  1. are you sure about that dude?!

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