Assimilation (if that’s how you spell it)

Warning: this post is going to get emotionally charged. If you are a Christian, i implore you greatly to seriously think about what i’m going to say. Spread the word if you want to, post it on your own blog, link it, print it out and share it without my name or URL, but please share it with fellow brothers and sisters. If you are not a Christian, do read on, and i hope you will be encouraged somehow.

Something that really struck me today as i was talking with JM – Christians today have been assimilated so deep into today’s culture, into the world today.

For illustration, if you look at the biblical story of Daniel, when the Israelites were held captive by Babylon, the king called for all the men of talent to be groomed in the history, literature and culture of the country, eat their food and drank their wine. Basically they were made as Babylonian as they can get.

It seems to be the same these days. We are getting so used to the culture of the world and the line at which we draw things has moved dangerously close to the other side. We have compromised too much. People are being unequally yoked. Guys have sexually immoral, wandering eyes, and girls are dressing skimpily or thinly enough for the guys to have those kind of eyes. (and honestly, it doesn’t have to be extraordinarily revealing, the “norm” these days are enough. I have many strong views on the topic of dressing, physical presentation and modesty, but that’s for another time. Moreoever, there are no definite lines so i’m not going to discuss that and invite attacks on myself.) We have idolised talents, sports, abilities, academics, and “role models”, and neglected fellowship, lost the love for other people, and ironically, the ability to care and show concern for them as well. We can scour the island for a particular item, toy or clothing but very few of us actually know our neighbours’ names – how are we to love them? And love…love has been adulterated into mere physical attraction with hardly any commitment, thanks to much of the media these days. We make promises that we cannot keep, and say things that we don’t really mean or don’t fulfill. We have no qualms about not tithing and then we fight for a place in the queue of a 20% discount sale. We clog up our time with other matters when we should be doing what we are called to do. We spend our Sundays worshipping God and then speak harsh words to the people around us. We speak of an unfailing unconditional love and then we bear grudges.

Immorality, indecency, idolatry, theft, slander, hypocrisy and dishonouring God. Not a very impressive resume, as things go.

(Let me state that I am not against any particular group of people, or person here. These are general examples. In saying all these, i’m guilty as charged as any of you reading this.)

What has happened to “this little light of mine, i’m gonna let it shine”? Has the Evil One snuffed it out already before we’ve let it grow? Why is it that when people look from the outside and see a non-Christian and a Christian, the only difference is that one goes to church and reads the Bible? What happened to our lives – lives that we are supposed to live in order to be “offered as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God”? (yes that’s out of context i know, but it serves the same purpose and presents the same idea)

The Bible is a Living Word.

“Living” – the word implies something in the present. Something that adapts to the environment, yet retaining it’s very own “DNA”. Surely we cannot directly apply all instructions form the Bible to our lives these days (for example, the wearing of veils), though the principles will always stand regardless (for example, harmony in the church). Yet even clear principles and direct commandments are compromised.

“Word” – there rings a sense of finality in this. Something that is spoken cannot be retracted. An authoritative tone is added to it as well, when referred to.

I’ve written before on compartmentalization. That is one of the symptoms of this occurance. What will it take for us to wake up? What will it take for us to clearly see what we are doing, how much we are hurting and stumbling each other and more importantly, how much we are causing God to cry at the sight of our lives? How much longer can we hold our hands up in worship and continue to say what we say, behave how we behave, dress how we dress, and basically carry on life as if we are no different from the rest of the world? Are we not called to be set apart? Are we not called to be different? I once read that each time we sin, we crucify Jesus again (a rather debatable analogy i might add). But in view of that – have we not crucified Him enough? Have we not caused Him enough pain? Not just Him – all the people around us as well…it pains me each time i see someone i know to be a believer fall so far from the light. I know it pains our Father too.

We are called to be different. So be different. Stop doing what looks good or what everyone else is doing or what you feel like doing and for goodness’ sake think if you should be doing it at all. I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again – when you deal with the cliff of sin, it’s not how far you can go to the edge before you fall off, it’s how far you stay away from the damn edge. Yes, it looks good to dress a certain way. Yes, everyone else is doing this particular thing, and behaving a particular way. Yes, you may not feel like doing something, or conversely, you may feel like doing something. But in all cases, please please please think about what you are doing. Would you like your churchmates to see you like that? Would you like your mentor, your pastor, your spiritual leaders to see you like that? Would you like your parents to see you like that? Would Jesus do that? Would you do that if God were right beside you (as He always is)?

Please consider your life (as i will consider mine). Look at every area of your life. I’m even going to list it out here to make it easier for you. Your social life. Your ministry. Your friends and how you deal with them. Your academics. Your hobbies and habits. Activities that you are involved in. The way you behave. The way you dress. The things you do. The words you say. Your significant other, if any. The list is non-exhaustive.

Please consider each and every section of your life. Take some time out from your busy life, whatever you may be occupied with, and really consider all this with eternity in mind. Think about how you place each one in your life, how you rank them, and what you do with them, both in relation to yourself and to other people and most importantly to God.

Please consider how you will reconcile with those you have hurt, and forgive those who have hurt you. Consider what you will need to change in your life and measures that you will need to take to prevent yourself from falling again.

Above all, please seek God.

Author’s note: i hope i have not offended anyone in the writing of this post. if i have, i am deeply sorry and you can kindly point out to me where i have been wrong or offended you that i might rectify the wording if possible. If you do have anything to say about this post, good or bad, i strongly urge you to leave a comment, but do be warned that i will be moderating comments this time round for the sake of the general public, so if your comment is deleted kindly do not re-comment. All feedback is welcome.

  1. Vineeth

    Meaningful and relevant to the core.


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