Flying Clocks

Is it just me, or does it seem like time has been accelerated these days? Although i would very much like to reach a certain time destination quickly (specifically to graduate and find a job, etc, etc), this all seems too fast for me.

I’m hypothesizing that this is a common sentiment shared among all students as the school term starts again.  But i know that this goes beyond simply wanting a longer holiday, personally for me.  There’s a tug at my inner being to a certain direction but i’m not sure which direction it is, nor what i’m to expect in that direction.

Perhaps all these thoughts are a reflex to me now.  Have i really become so thinker-like?  I look back at the not-so-distant past posts and i see how much i’ve changed these days.  As always, the new year calls for a time of reflection for me, as if i haven’t already thought enough on a day-to-day basis. heh. 🙂

I would wish that i could come up with a resolution to keep this new year.  I have never made one, not because i couldn’t keep it, but because i couldn’t think of a worthy one to make that isn’t already supposed to be in place.

Now unto Him who is able
To keep you from falling
And to make you stand in His presence
Blameless and with great joy

To the only God our Saviour
To Jesus Christ our Lord
Be the glory, and the majesty
Dominion, and authority
Both now and ever,

  1. freewheel


    Thanks for all your reflections… They’re encouraging…

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