Take it, it’s yours?

It’s been a while since i last posted something deep. I guess the reason behind is everytime i want to put something up here i seem to be thinking twice about it and then deciding that whatever it was that i wanted to put up was either too personal and/or would be better off shared one-on-one with someone else. So my dear readers – i hope you don’t mind, because you’re not likely to find out what’s going on in my day-to-day life much from here anymore, unless it’s really significant.

Just came back from a swim, and i was talking to one of the lifeguards inbetween laps. He was talking about how another muscle-packed medicine student asked him how to swim because the student himself could hardly move in water. His response to the student was “Do you have the discipline? Then aim for it and do something about it.” According to his story, the student was then in the pool every day to train himself how to swim. How apt that i just had handball friendlies this morning, and was finding myself lacking in experience and ability within a few seconds of stepping onto the court.

However, it brings to mind something else that was mentioned before at ANNTIC camp this year. Something about committment to VCF and things like Sunset Prayer. On a personal note, something about spending time with family and friends and people in general – people who matter, not just to us, but to God. Something about spending more time with God. If you really want it, you will go for it – there will be no excuses for yourself in that matter.

That being said, it would then also be important to actually consider what we should be wanting. What we want may not be wrong per se but it may not exactly be something we should be after. Again, it reminds me of the importance or walking close to God and hearing His will to obey instead of simply going on instincts. After all, He’s the one who knows what’s best for us, and knows what we need more than we do ourselves. He did create us from scratch you know. 😉

Another piece of past history…i recall figuring this out the hard way: often it’s not what you want, it’s how much you want it that determines whether you get it. And that goes either way – if you want it too little, you’ll invest too little time and effort in it. But if you want it too much, i think God would then be wise enough to either prevent you from getting it, or as in my case, let you face the consequences and learn from it.

“Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial” – and before you really consider everything, please read the verse in context. 😀

The Lord is my Shepherd –
I shall not want.

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