Funkamania Mania

Went to watch Funkamania today, held in school, since i wasn’t meeting JM and i was in school anyway. Actually missed training today coz i was feeling under the weather having been throwing up the entire night. Must have been something to do with the BBQ i attended and the low heat fire that i cooked my food on as i was there late. Ah well, i’ll feel better after a while.

Update: Apparently it’s food poisoning. There goes all my tasty fried food for the next few days. bleh.

To top it off i discovered that my printer wasn’t working for some weird reason. It may be the entire month of non-usage that sparked it off, but i sincerely doubt it. The only comfort i have in having a printer breaking down this close before term starts is that i can probably get a new one for a not-so-expensive price, and that the printer itself is over two years old. Maybe it’s just my comp, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Makes it worse in fact. Guess i’ll have to bring it home and try again.

Back to Funkamania- initially i missed dancing. I really do. I missed the exhilaration of being on the stage, the hard work that we had to put in to coordinate and to make the performance worth it. The amount of sweat (and literally sometimes blood) that we sacrificed and the friendships made (case in point: BCE).

But some of the performances also reminded me why i chose to leave dance. The revealing attire. The moves. The suggestive gestures. The aggression. The exhibitionism. The pride. All in all, the glorification of flesh. It was for the same reason i gave up cheerleading. (not the kind that you stand in front of the school and lead cheers, but the kind where you actually are a cheerleader along with the girls who carry pom poms and all) I couldn’t reconcile how i was to live my life in two entire different spheres, knowing that in one of them it was so wrong.

Still, i found myself missing the fun of the whole thing. As such i popped into the RH Dance rehearsal just now after coming back from Funkamania and was very glad to see good clean dances. Maybe not as showy (in terms of dancing, and hence not as spectacular as the Funakmania ones), but good nonetheless. And it was a reminder that it was something that God had created, to let us worship him. Did King David not dance before our Lord?

So it is not entirely what the action we do is, but in the way it is done, and in the purpose of it. I’m sure we danced for God in BCE. And i’m sure we’ll dance again, be it on stage or off stage in our hearts and minds.

That aside, i’m again reminded of the issue of dressing. Yes i know i’ve spoken about this countless times before, and i will continue to address this issue for as long as it remains a problem. It’s not just limited to the world’s point of view, even today as the YM had its first session held on a saturday, we had to explicitly say “no immodest dressing allowed”. I’m sorry to say that it should have been something that need not have been said, something that should have already been second nature as we approach God to worship Him.

Now most of the dressing at the competition was obviously the opposite – it was blatantly designed to attract attention and bare a lot, often eliciting whoops from the masculine section of the audience. *wince* It reflected badly on the girls and i must say i would be very ashamed if i found out that the ones who dressed as such were fellow sisters in Christ. Once again, Fong has blogged about it before and to paraphrase his argument, girls who are chiefly concerned about outward beauty will only attract guys who are interested in such.  (Fong, if you’re reading this, i want you to know that you have this knack of blogging about this almost immediately prior to when i experience them, and it’s occurred often enough to the extent that i can only call it His Plan.)  The lines may not be that clear, but i’m pretty sure we know it when we see it.  Now i’m no prude, but if you are reading this and insist on calling me one, then so be it – this is what i stand for, no less.  Here i think i’ve talked about enough of this issue and so i shall stop for now.

Now that’s not the reason why i want to take up dancing again (read the top paragraph again if you must clarify).  As i have said before, no matter how much i say i want to be off the stage and truly enjoy the performance as part of the audience (which i really do), part of me still wants to be performing.  As long as it doesn’t become an idol or anything else against God, i see nothing wrong with it.

Maybe one day i’ll dance again. Maybe.

  1. lintong

    oh yes, it is quite a pity.
    not that i can’t say im not guilty.

  2. mat

    hmm.. well it’s just dancing with different costumes.. and different stlyes of dancing… u could still do a modern dance or ballet item and bare alot of ur flesh.. and the costumes could be fanciful too.. so yeah.. it’s all in the name of performing.. u shouldn’t think so much about it.

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