School’s starting

redbeanjon updated post @ 2030hrs 080106

Yup it is. I’ve had a good 13+ years in the educational system. Can’t say i’m happy about the way it’s being run, but can’t say i have any other better ideas too. (or then again, maybe i do)

You’ll probably see me blog more often then. How ironic that i blog more when i have less time to fool around on my laptop. Guess it’s coz i blog whenever i’m bored. That is, if i don’t get caught up in one of my darn games again. Well at least it gives you all more reading material and entertainment. 😀

I can’t say i think the hols have been too short coz i can’t wait to graduate. I can’t say they’ve been long enough either coz there’s so many things that i want to do but haven’t done. Blame it on my procrastination. 😦

And so i’m here, back in hall.  While leaving home, i glanced at the sky and it was blood red, almost anime-ish.  Perhaps a bit weird, but it actually felt good to see something like that. Maybe it’s the lack of anime releases these few precious last days before school starts haha. 🙂

But i guess the hols have been great, all in all. Made friends, learnt things, and sorted out thoughts. As time moves, so must we with life. Maybe the new sem will bring good things into my life. Maybe it will bring even more troubles. Maybe the other way round. But let me live a life worthy of a disciple, come what may.

Let me be able to tell my story.

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