Why is it raining every day?

Water falls from the sky
Every single day

Could it be
The environment’s waning
With the pollution we’re creating
Melting polar ice caps
And causing torrential storms

It’s more than scientific explanation
Perhaps the rain’s a reflection
Of the sad condition
Of the world today
Forcing us to stay indoors
To bear our minds on the wars
Both ex- and in-ternally

Each time it rains
Something tugs at my soul
Something tugs at my heart
Something tugs at my mind

It makes me kinda moody
It makes me think a little bit more
It keeps my mind alert and my body sluggish
Like the Carpenters sang
“Rainy days and Mondays”
Might be worse if it was both

It’s just coz it’s cold
And it seems that it’s not just physical
There’s no where to huddle up
To warm myself

People just get sad when it rains

It rains because we’re sad

  1. Charlene Diane

    Did u write this poem? Its so beautiful. Keep writing!

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