First day of school

The first lecture of the semester at 10am and i fall asleep. This is got to be a record. 😀
It looks like this semester is going to get dirty. Foreseeing a lot of self-study up ahead, and it’s not like the subject topics are easy – they’re downright complicated. As usual, the notes are quite incomprehensive. But like i might have mentioned before, this is all expected way before the sem started. Maybe this is why i want to become a teacher. 😀

Got my new printer today, it’s an all-in-one with a scanner/copier function. Quite happy with the way it works, especially because this means that my doodling is going to be more documented than normal. I can’t believe i’m actually taking to drawing things in my free time. It’s extremely time-consuming and i really should learn to limit it to when i’m free and not just when i’m bored, even though it does cure the boredom. Hope i learn to do that before the workload comes in. 😉

You know, i never really understood why people would start the school term on a day in which the next day is a holiday – it kinda defeats the purpose in starting the term coz no one seems to be in the mood to do anything academic. Victims of the system, that’s what we are. 🙂

I keep thinking about the song that MH and Matt led during ANNTIC. I can’t remember the tune, but the lyrics keep flashing in my head.

Send revival, start with me
For I am one of unclean lips
And my eyes have seen the King
His Glory I have glimpsed;
Send revival,
Start with me

I wonder how many of us, when we pray for revival in our CGs, in our churches, in our minstries, do we really know what it means? I’m guilty of it, i know. And i have learned that revival often entails a sacrifice.

Then do i stand
At the edge of my door
My back to a world
That cries out for more?

What can i give
To fulfill His plan?
What do i have
When i’m only a Man?

“To lay down our lives
For naught more than a friend”
But indeed how many
Can we call true to that end?

For many a friend
That we address as so
Are mere blinks in our life
And nothing to our soul.

Can we see each jewel
Its sparkle lost or found
Hidden deep in each flesh
Before dust touches ground?

Will we learn to give
In sacrificial love
To be meek as a lamb
and gentle as a dove?

Will we learn to be like Him
Who gave up His throne
To die the worst death
For sins unatoned?

Will we learn to measure
The value of a soul
Before it’s too late
and time grows old?

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