And four to go.

So i’ve been tagged by bing. Time for me to reply that overdue tag. Also because i’m bored and feeling a bit weary and down so i thought i’d just to this to take my mind off things. Also because bing asked me to update this blog lol. Four jobs i’d had in my life:
1) Slave to the nation
2) Part time teacher
3) Freelance pianist
4) Computer hardware setup person (don’t know what that job really was, but that’s all i did)

Four movies i could watch over and over again:
1) Edward Scissorhands
2) Rainman
3) Forrest Gump
4) The Nightmare Before Christmas

Four TV shows i love(d) to watch:
1) Jake version 1.2
2) Robocop
3) Return of the Condor Heroes
4) The Simpsons (and i can’t believe i actually watched that)

Four places i have lived:
1) 13 Wadsworth Street, Boston, Massachusetts
2) Ghim Moh
3) Jurong West
4) Jurong Extension

Four places i’ve been on vacation for:
1) Gold Coast – i’ll never forget this one.
2) Malaysia
3) New Zealand – land of the hobbits
4) America

Four places i’d rather be:
1) On a clean beach with crystal clear water, watching the sunset, preferably with someone special
2) In America
3) In front of a fireplace situated in the living room of a log cabin while the snow outside is pouring, with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand, and someone to share it with.
4) Heaven.

Four of my favourite foods:
1) Fried Chicken, not necessarily from KFC.
2) Burr-i-tos……*drools*
3) Wonton
4) Sushi

Four websites i visit daily:
Ok for this one i have a long long list coz my daily routine is to check on all my friend’s blogs before i sleep…so i’m going to put that as the first item:
1) Blogs. 😀
2) IVLE/NUSemail…sad but true.
3) Baka-updates
4) – ok this one i wouldn’t go there that often if it wasn’t for the fact that i keep hearing songs that i want to find out the proper lyrics to.

Four people i’m going to tag:
Instead of NOT tagging anyone and being accused of making this stop, i’m actually going to tag ppl who actively have blogs
1) Bing
2) Joel
3) MZ
4) Clem

ok i realised that two out of four have already did this, and one more is repeated.  But that’s the whole point 😀

  1. mz

    i protest la! i have an uninteresting life! i dun wanna do!

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