Everyone has their Down Days

Yeah don’t we all.

Could happen for any number of reasons, or a combination of them, or (God help me if it happens) ALL the reasons that could possibly exist. A badly done test or upcoming ones. A horribly played game. A song performed off pitch. School. People.

There are just so many things that can upset us. I get them too. And i can’t tell you how to conquer each one because each one is unique, and you’re going to have to deal with them yourself. Moreover i still have many of them to overcome so i’m not going to be of much help to you in that department either.

But i can tell you one thing – it all starts from the inside, and with your priorities.

It happened to me before last sem, when i got a bad score for a project. Kinda took the whole kick out of me, because i lost a chance to prove myself against the odds and so i ended up upset for a few days until i was reminded by JM that in the big scheme of things it doesn’t really matter.  Something even more pertinent was that i had S/U-ed the module anyway, even though i still wanted to do well for it as i would any task i undertake.  Sounds stupid to some of you i know, but i guess i always wanted to give 100% into anything i did, academics or otherwise.

What got me all depresssed?  I forgot what really mattered.  Looking back now i think it wasn’t an overreaction, but it most definitely was a wrong focus. Perhaps wronger than most of you who only get the picture from what i’m saying here.

I still get these down/lonesome/midly depressed/annoyed/grumpy days  every now and then.  But i suppose it really helps when i consciously remember that God is walking by my side with every step i take through life.  With my smile He smiles, and with my tears He cries, because I rest in His love.

It helps when i wake up and tell myself in the morning “to be so strong that nothing will break my smile, because my smile is a gift, as is my life”.

It helps when i remember all the blessings i have, the possessions i own instead of what i don’t, the people around me (not necessarily physically), and the things i’ve done to make other people happy.

It helps when i talk small talk with people, think of happy times, of pleasant things, and of ways to cheer other people up – what better way to put a smile on your face than to put a smile on someone else’s? 😀

It helps when i listen to music or watch anime or enjoy the breeze and forget about the tests and projects and tutorials and assignments and lectures and school for just a few minutes.

I can’t say it’s all foolproof and you’d definitely feel happier after that, but it helps me, and it might help you.

But above all, remember that someone up there – The Big Boss Up There – is looking out for you.

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