School Annoyances

I’m quite sick of looking at lecture notes and trying to figure out what they mean, so i thought i’d take a break and blog about it.

The reason why i’m sick of looking at lecture notes is because i’m looking at the Fluid Mechanics II lecture notes.  Don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate the subject per se, hard as it is.  It’s just how the notes and the lecturer are doing.  There is no link between one line and the next, and even though it’s said to just be a algebraic simplification of the equation in the previous line, i don’t see how suddenly a negative variable can change to a postive one without any operational functions applied to it.  The notes are incoherent and the lecturer is worse.

I spent three hours looking at two equations and can’t make head of tail of it.  I seriously have no idea what to do about it, seeing as i’ve already emailed the lecturer and asked him for clarification.  I hope he replies soon coz i’m very much confused at pg 3 of the notes and i can’t move on till this part is settled (the later parts are dependent on this part).

And during lectures he rushes through all the equations, not explaining where they came from, what they are, and what’s their significance.  It appears that he’s under the impression that we already know what’s going on and thus can just ramble through the notes, half the time mumbling to himself and the other half not making any sense at all.  Figures this is Engin Fac – i so much prefer the way the Arts lecturers teach, at least the ones that i’ve had so far.

Ah well.  Hakuna Matata.

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