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WARNING: Long Post Ahead!

Of Time and Tests

Perhaps the most pertinant of all issues now is the one on time management. I realise that one of the main tests when you stay in hall is how to balance your time. Maybe balance is too light a word, "allocate" or "discipline" might be better. There's a constant danger of spending too much time with the people around you (or in some cases, THE person around you), or on activities, and neglecting your schoolwork, or worse still, your time with God. The test of time management is ever so necessary (even outside hall, but more obvious within hall than not as there are certain requirements to fulfill). Yet to be a testimony to others we are asked to be faithful in all that we do, as if doing it unto the Lord and not to man. To me, this means that i will sing for Him, dance for Him, play handball for Him, talk to people for Him and help people with anything i can for Him. That is also a test of my life at the moment – to be able to do everything for Him and not for my own selfish desires of wanting to be in the limelight and having the attention on myself for the greater part of anything.

Of Silliness and Seriousity

Actually i don't know if there's such a word as "seriousity" – i just felt it sounded ok if i put it that way and anyway i would think most people who read this would know what i mean. The thought about this is more on maturity and knowing when to be serious and when to be silly. At times it irks me when i'm trying to be deadly serious and yet people poke fun and things that i'm saying, but i also know that it's that poking fun (to no one in particular, more like corny jokes all the time) that keeps the fun quotient much higher and keeps people's spirits up, as much as it is a distractor and time consumer.

Of School and Stupidity

As per previously blogged, it hasn't been easy this sem, scraping through most of the modules and struggling to understand things. No i haven't been skipping lectures and i don't think it very unfair to say that my lecturers are quite bad coz they really are, but i suppose that's the kind of lecturers we get so that's what we get and there's nothing i can do about it. On the other hand, i've cleared up some of my doubts, and looking back at what i thought it to be, i can't believe how STUPID i was not have seen it before. You've probably heard the funny phrase that says "the more i don't know the more i learn; the more i learn the more i know; the more i know the more i realise i don't know – so why bother?" or something to that effect. It's quite funny how it seems that despite trying so hard i don't seem to get anything into my head…it's also quite frustrating, and i'm not even touching on how i seem to be surrounded by geniuses who seem to absorb information right from the lecturer's brain. Wouldn't be surprised to find out that they're psychic. šŸ˜€

Of Physicals and Pain

I suppose most of you would know (if you had read my blog) about me injuring my foot and about the effects of the medicine as well. Kinda reminds me of how we are told that in this world we are imperfect and also will go through a lot of suffering and pain, but when we get to Heaven there'll be no more pain and suffering. I can't wait to get there šŸ˜€ At the same time, it's also about getting myself in shape because i believe that physical fitness has great value (though not greater than spiritual fitness). It's not about looking good, it's about being good. I don't suppose many people would agree with that point, but my rationale is that i don't have to look good with rippling muscles and defined abs, i just have to able to deliver when it counts. šŸ™‚

Of Marks and Morals

This is by far the biggest issue that is on my mind. Why? Because i can see it happening. With people i know. With people i trust, or used to trust. Mind you, it's not like they have really bad grades, i think the ones i know are having around a A- average, which is better than most people i must add. Yet they cheat so blatantly during a test that constitutes 40% (was previously 50%, but because of them it was reduced) of the final grade of an unexaminable module. It was pretty obvious that they were writing way after the time was up and discussing answers because they were right in the middle of the exam hall and no one bothered to stop them. Firstly i'm disgusted at the integrity of the students. Have you no morals absolutely? In broad daylight discussing and changing answers on your script prior to handing up? What happened to learning and being honest? Are your marks so important to you that you can chuck away whatever good impression your peers have of you? And if you as a peer of such a person don't feel disgusted at that, i'm digusted at you too. That leaves us people who actually did study for the test and did it on our own accord at a disadvantage, and an unfair one at that. Don't give me that crap about everyone being disadvantaged and it's only whether it's disadvantage in your favour – that has no bearing on what i'm talking about now. Secondly i'm frustrated at the lack of action (aside from the reduction in percentage) on the part of the tutors/lecturers/invigilators. A test with that kind of weightage should most definitely have higher security than was given – there were even people copying other people's during the test. I just don't see how that is allowed to happen when it's being done so blatantly. You may not be interested in teaching, and perhaps more interested in earning your master's degree or your research or whatever. Or perhaps you really are interested in teaching, it doesn't matter. If you have the authority to stop such practices and you don't – what does that say about you? You're definitely not someone i'd respect, to say the least.
Ok that's it for now – time to get back to work, it's already quite late and i have stuff to do…so ciao and thanks for reading all those rants! šŸ˜€

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