Thoughts for the week

Warning: Long post ahead!

It seems it’s become a habit for me to blog my thoughts each sunday…maybe it’s just because i feel so spoken to each time i go to church, even though i may not want to when i wake up in the morning. ^^

There was a story told today about a rather tall pastor who preached in his home church, where there was a magnificent stained glass painting of Jesus right behind the pulpit. One day, another pastor (evidently a shorter one) was invited to speak at the church, and as he stood at the pulpit a little girl seated in the front row was heard to comment, “Mommy mommy, where’s our pastor today? You know, the tall one that stands in front of us so that we can’t see Jesus?”

Of course, in this case the girl was referring mainly to the stained glass painting that would have been blocked had the taller pastor preached as per normal. At least i hope it was, because the alternative interpretation is what i’m thinking about – how we do things to glorify ourselves and not for Jesus at all.

It’s so ironic that so often we associate leading people to Jesus, or something related to God, to a particular service or ministry. I said something to the effect of “going to church doesn’t make you a Christian” during RHVCF CG the other day – and here i’d like to extend that a step further – your actions alone don’t define you as a Christian. You can serve extensively in the church, be a part of a CG, be involved in VCF or any christian organisation, but your life can still be in a mess and/or hellbound.

I’m not saying that all these things have no value, but without the key thing that really matters, all these are worthless. They must come from your heart, and from a desire for God, else doing all these things for yourself will amount to nothing. So then it starts from the heart, and translates to the life you live.

Hmm…it’s something interesting. If you merely do the actions without the heart, it amounts to nothing. But if you have the heart, you can’t help but do the actions. So it’s not that the actions aren’t an indicator, it’s merely part of the indicators that are used. Only with all the indicators does it prove anything. Of course we’re only human (and i have to be reminded so hard of that fact…i tend to think i’m some superman or something) and thus we’ll fail every now and then, but i guess what counts isn’t exactly being completely sinless or whatever you want to call it.

It’s very apt how we are called to spread this message. One person said “Preach the Good News; use words if necessary.” Another MSN contact’s nick reads “You may be the only Bible someone gets to read in his lifetime.” It’s so evident that our lives matter much much much more than specifically what we say or do individually.

Ok so much for deep thought, now to lighter things. ^^ went shopping to buy new shoes today – my 6 month old Asics gave up on me with my intense usage, so i decided to invest in a good pair of court shoes, one that i can play handball, basketball, squash, and run the 96 route with. MIZUNO! hahaha =)

And as usual i have a song running in my head. No surprises, it’s a chinese song…i’ve been listening pretty much to those these days.






I like the way it’s sung, the message (even though it’s cheesy when you think about it) and most importantly the lyrics and the poetry involved – the last factor is probably the greatest to me. =)  I wish i could be able to perform it one day, perhaps to someone special, or just a simple performance, but first i have to get my voice back up to standard hahaha…=P

  1. lavie

    hey jon!
    i love that song too .. its one of my all time favs ..
    maybe i’m just a hopeless romantic .. but i want a special someone to sing it to me too ..
    anyway hope all is good!
    take care and hopefully will catch up soon!

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