This is so sad it’s funny

I always think of good msn nicks/great things to post or write on when i’m in class.  But because of the speed at which information is given out at that point of time, i don’t have the luxury of writing it down to remind myself.

As a result i usually return to my room, log on to or to the MSN profile options as the case were, and sit blankly at my computer, realising that i forgot what i wanted to put. 😀 (anyone have a cure for that?)

Or is it *palmface*? 😀

  1. Try your handphone. Type in a sentence or two in SMS and save it in your outbox. Usually works for me 😀

  2. I’d do that, but chances are if i can’t even write it down somewhere in the midst of the class coz of the information overload, i don’t think i’d have time to reach for my handphone 😀

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