Something else annoying to add to the list

Been stuck on the same page of notes trying to figure out what’s going on in the land of complex integration and it’s application.

It’s been over an hour and i’ve skipped from math to music to guitar to math to mechanics to math and i still don’t understand it. Usually the skipping around helps my brain to understand such things, almost as if i’m giving the “math section” of the brain a rest when i move to another subject.

The feeling is simply annoying, but i dunno if it’s worse than the fact the exams are fast approaching and i haven’t started reading stuff again, or doing my project (which for the record i can’t really do anything about at the moment until the other people who are not my project mates respond to our group), or looking at the notes from the beginning of the sem.

Well that’s actually not bothering me so much – what’s bothering me is the fact that i’m pretty ok with that…that somehow i know that things will go well…but i also know that if i don’t start soon i’ll do rather badly.

Ah well. i’m blogging this out of boredom. Third post today. 🙂

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