So much to say, so little time

This post is addressed to you.

There is so much to say to you, such that neither talking online, nor on the phone, nor meeting up when we can will do justice. Each time we start another conversation it doesn’t seem to find its end, and i don’t think either of us want it to.

There is so much to say that i don’t think the english language can encompass all the expressions that i’d want to share, or at the very least, not in my limited capability and knowledge of the language.

There is so much to say that i wish there were some way to stall time except the two of us and just get together, within a group or just the two of us, over a cup of coffee (be it ice-blended or piping hot) and simply talk, without having to worry about the deadlines or exams or assignments or tutorials or school. Without having to think about the next thing that will be coming our way in life, or what we’re going to do after graduation, because time has granted us an eternity to talk.

There is so much to say that even if the above chronologically impossible situation were to take place, i think we’d grow old and die before we get to say everything on our minds, unless they could invent something that would enable telepathic ability by then, and allow us to communicate simply by thought. Perhaps even that wouldn’t even be enough for us to complete it in a lifetime – the conversation might very well carry on into the next, and i would then hope we have the chance to do so.

There is so much to say to you. Whether you are my friend, my brother or sister, a past or future love, a close soul or a distant accquaintance, someone i just said hi to recently or might not have the chance to greet you again, mentor or someone who’s asked me for advice before, someone i talk to a lot or not at all, whether i barely know you or i’ve known you for years, there is so much to say and i think there will always be.

But there is so little time.

  1. hey this is really honestly a very good entry. I love it a lot. =) Very nicely written. =)
    keep on writing jon.

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