Thoughts and a Tribute

Someone said something about love and happiness sometime back…i can’t remember who or how or when, but the gist of it was that there is no such thing as “if you’re happy, i’m happy”. That person whom i heard it from attested that the other person’s happiness wouldn’t really bring you happiness either…in fact, according to him/her, often times it leads to the opposite.

I still can’t bring myself to agree with him, although sometimes i can see very clearly his/her point of view. Yet because every cell of my being screams that true love, in every sense of the word love, is sacrificial and is more concerned about the other person’s welfare than one’s own. Be it brotherly/sisterly love, familial love, romantic love…all forms would put the other before oneself.

I guess romantic love would be quite a tricky issue to speak on, what with all the Hollywood love stories going around on the big screen.  But i know what it’s like to have given and not expect anything in return, and i know the truth of that statement…”if you’re happy, i’m happy”.  That’s why i cannot accept his/her argument – i have lived the opposite for myself and experienced the joy firsthand.
At this point, i would like to make a tribute to the people on earth who have made the biggest sacrifices for me – My family. And here i go, one by one.

COOL DOOD, a.k.a. Daniel-Sonic-Toots-Leong-Bond:
The pretty darndest coolest little brother anyone could have. Despite being 7 years apart we still share the same interests; either you’re mature or i’m childish, but it doesn’t matter. I will remember the days you used to bounce around and pretty much roll off the bed whenever you slept. I will remember the times i shouted at you, and the times you cried because of it. But more importantly i will remember the times we had together, in front of the TV or PS2, on the piano, reading comics, or simply cracking jokes at each other. I’ve seen you grow from calling yourself Daniel-Sonic-Toots-Leong-Bond to making up acronyms for you like COOL DOOD and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

I could not have had a better father. One who knew how to let go or hold on when i needed it, and not when i wanted it. One who taught firmness and how to be gentle. One who never punished but discplined instead. I look around at times and see a lot of wayward kids and think “i could have turned out like that”…perhaps i’m not too far from it haha. But the mere fact that i can say such things is to your credit, for teaching me “how to fish”, and not merely giving me one. You have provided much for us and often at your own cost, and i respect you deeply for it, not because i fear having any less than i do, but because you deserve no less for what you have done. I may often sound like i’m joking about it, but i ever grow up to be half the man you are i would consider myself blessed already.

So many times you put yourself last, for all of our welfare. So many times you have to give up what you want to do, as you did when i was born. I hope you can look at both your sons and say that it was worth that sacrifice you made, and the ones that you will make as well. The things you do are many times hidden behind our actions and gone unnoticed, and you claim none of the glory for yourself. Remember, however, that whatever honour we receive as your children is yours as well – most of it by right should be yours in fact, for who we are is also attributed to you and what you have shown us in your very own life, and we would acknowledge that it belongs to you as well.

To all of you as a whole:
You have shown me what love is supposed to be like, what is meant by God-sent and how Pure Agape love is exemplified. I thank all of you.

  1. why ur post all so jiwang-ing. lol. nvdd. haha iim just feeling high xD
    but ur post r really well- wrriitten xD

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