When The Rain Stops

Stream from heaven
Brushing my face
Down my cheeks
My nose
My chin
And then drop off
To form a wet spot on the ground

I await
While standing in the torrent
The fresh feeling of the air
The cool breeze that will pass
And rustle through my hair
The stop of the rain at last

But it keeps falling
Maybe you can call them blessings
But to me they're just tears

Can you see?
Can you feel it?
It doesn't just rain outside where it's cold
It rains in my heart too

Tears hidden by Tears
A masquerade of smiles to present
To the world
Paper masks that hardly fail
Except when water touches it
Can you see?
Can you feel it?
Maybe you can't
Maybe you shouldn't
Perhaps i should go back inside
But there's no safety
No place to hide
No shelter from the internal storm
No fire there to keep me warm
At least in the rain i can pretend

So i stand
Behind a curtain of rain
Where everyone can see me smile
But no one can see me cry

And await the time where i can see the sun again

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