Some Songs That Are Running Through My Mind

In Christ alone
I place my trust
And find my glory in the power of the cross
In every victory
Let it be said of me
My source of strength
My source of hope
Is Christ alone

You are the Peace that guards my heart
My help in times of need
You are the Hope that leads me on
And brings me to my knees
For there i find You waiting
And there i find relief
So with all of my heart i'll worship
And unto You i'll sing

For You alone deserve all glory
For You alone deserve all praise
Father we worship and adore You
Father we long to see Your face
For You alone deserve all glory
For you alone deserve all praise
Father we love You
And we worship You this day

  1. Peyt.

    just wanna know the title of the last song you posted.. thanks.

  2. Peyt.


  3. i think the title is “You are the Peace that Guards My Heart”…though i’m really bad with titles so what you can do is Google it. 😀

  4. Peyt.

    hey. thanks. well. i googleddddd it oredi like.. for ages. geee. but no help. so yah. thanks anyways.

  5. Ineed the song – For you alone deserve all glory

  6. Jess

    heys.. the title for the song is you alone. 🙂

  7. jacen

    The song is You Alone. By Don Harris. Integrity Music

  8. Maine

    One of my favorite songs – glad to see you uploaded it 🙂

  9. Jonathan

    hie.. i’m also looking for that song.. where can i download ? thx

  10. jon

    Dear all,

    I’m sorry but i have to say something about the comments that are being posted here. I will not entertain any more comments that go along the lines of “GIMME THIS SONG” or “where can i download it”. I will not advocate any form of illegal activity on my blog.

    Furthermore, if you want to know the titles of songs, there are plenty of search engines out there like or you can even google it and i’m sure you’ll find it. I googled the first request before i put this comment and i’m glad to tell you that google is just as good a search engine as ever. There’s no need to be rude and demand that i give you the title or the rest of the lyrics.

    If you want the song, go buy the CD. Or buy the track off Amazon or iTunes music store. Surely 50cents to a dollar for one song that you REALLY love would be worth it?

    Moderation for comments are hereby turned ON.

  11. Boii

    Oh no, I’m 1 year too late from visiting your blog. Been looking for that For You Alone original song for 8 years, I think.. Since my friend lost my original Hosanna Intergrity – See His Glory cassette tape. But I forgave her.

    Been trying to look to buy on ebay but can’t find it either.

    Oh well, just want to share.. Love this song and it’s been crafted in my heart.

  12. jon

    hi Boii! heh better late than never. I think the song’s really old, but i happened to get one off the iTunes music store for a buck or so if i’m not wrong…you could try there!

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