When The Battle’s Lost and Won

It's finally over, and i will thus restate my stand that i don't understand, nor do i think i will ever, why the education system here places so much importance on exams when all we are really required to do is simply regurgitate what's been said rather than understand what's being taught. As such, the majority of the scorers in the arena of grades simply have good memory (or good short-term memory) and thus they score well.

Please note here that i am not sore with these people, merely with the fact that the exam is set as such. I have no comments on that particular group of people, other than the already mentioned opinion that the majority of them have a very good (short-term) memory.  In fact, i had one very well set paper that tested understanding to a very well measured extent, the last paper.  Kudos to my math lecturer, who expended a lot of effort in teaching us, going well beyond his required resposibility, and definitely did an extremely good job doing the paper – this is one paper that if i do badly in, i'll still be satisfied coz it really measured understanding and application.

But that being said, i think the exam period can possible teach us much more than we actually expect. It's a time where the personal pursuit of grades and academics can be so huge and so looming that people (myself included) forget the importance of other things like integrity, and other people. I think i've learned much more during the exam period than any other time of the sem, including academics, in which one mod i discovered a whole series of theories that we were supposed to know but the lecturer didn't cover much at all, and only having discovered those theories 3 hours before the exam. In my defence, more than half the course people did the same, because that lecturer….heh we'll leave it at that before i get put in a lawsuit or something. 😉

It made for a great time of self-reflection as well as looking at other people's character.  Not to be judgemental, but i discovered a lot of new things about myself as well as certain other people, and there are characteristics that i don't like on both ends.  I think it's rather interesting that these characteristics only surface during these times because (for some of them at least) it speaks of a certain self-centeredness that radiates outward.

On the other hand, i have seen things that i greatly enjoy and/or admire, and that having said, i'm glad to have certain friends around.  Friends that if i had to rent a flat with somewhere, i'd be more than happy to have them as my flatmates, that kinda thing.  I would think at the end of the day, "when the hurlyburly's done, when the battle's lost and won", it all boils down to what really matters – who one is or has become, and the people around oneself.

Sometimes it's just so hard to remember that and put that into practice.  I'd like to think that if everyone took care of everyone else's needs, the world would be a better place.  It may sound naive, but i don't believe it's impossible – it just takes one to dream, and the dream can be fulfilled if you truly believe in it.

So here i go, off to enjoy my hols and hopefully have a producti…wait this is the hols, i don't want to be measuring everything i do.  Let me just lay back and relax. 🙂 

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