The Element Encompassing

Someone once asked me why my poems seem to rotate around rain, be it reveling in the storm, bearing the torrent or waiting for the sun to re-shine.  The answer is i don't know – it simply seems to cover every single aspect of emotions that i can think of.  When i think of gentle happiness, i think of a drizzle.  Trials and hardships are likened to storms and happy moments are pictures of being cozy inside while it's raining outside.

So here's one more for you. 

Drops of water from the skies
Fall to earth from up on high
Making faces change expressions in response

Some of anger at the way
That their outdoor plans for the day
Have to be changed, or at least postponed

Some of anxiety as they try
To take in the clothes hung out to dry
And ensure that life's cozy and warm
Many of these will succeed
In keeping their life clean and neat
At least until the advent of the next storm

Some of gladness as they rush
Forward from the clouds of dust
To jump and play in the showers of falling rain
To revel in the torrent falling
Without heeding Mother's calling
To come indoors lest they fall ill again

Some of thankfulness that they
Had made speedy returns on that day
And are safe in the shelter of their home

Some in anguish that they will endure
A cold wet feeling for a while more
As they don't really have anywhere to run

But as i stand in the rain each time
I know that there is a purpose,
A reason for rhyme as to why things go the way they do
So cry if you must
When the present seems tough
But after the tears have gone through…

Continue the walk of life that you take
Leave your footsteps in your wake
And hold His hand as He leads the way.

Each and every rainy day. 

  1. lintong

    rhyming is slightly awkward.
    or is it on purpose?

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