The Sun, Sand and Sea

Just got back this morning from trip to Sentosa with a couple of friends.  Granted that it did rain here and there (at times it was welcome, at others it was not), we had a whole lot of fun laughing at games and stupid jokes and walking across the whole stretch of beach at Sentosa last at night when the tram services had stopped, just to camp at the tower on that "southernmost point of the Asia Continent".

On monday, when i went for VCF FOC Games Day, i ran into a lamppost and smashed my knees up quite badly.  Even now it's still a tad tender and hurts when i touch it, but thankfully i still can walk (though the handball match today, i..e saturday, is out of the question lest it get banged into and i collapse in pain).  I think there's some fluid inside and i'm led to believe (along with doctor's initial opinion) that it's an inflammation of some sort…hopefully just muscle, coz if it's ligament that means i'm effectively out of commission for a few more months, and even more so that my left ankle is still a bit stiff.  Left knee, left ankle, ah well.

All in all though, i immensely enjoyed my trip.  One of the side effects is that i'm still extremely tired and i'm going to miss those going back overseas soon to continue their studies, and also that i'm so darn tanned due to the exposure to the sun that i really do look malay in terms of skin tone.  Fun doesn't even begin to describe it. πŸ˜€

So before i collapse on my laptop from sleep deprivation, i'll sign off and get some rest and hopefully wake up EARLY tomorrow morning for a nice and bright sunrise. πŸ™‚ 

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