Just Weird

So i've been tagged by jadeite.  Here goes six weird things about me:

1) I have to sleep hugging something.  No bolster (e.g. in hall) means i hug my pillow.  How i keep my head on it and hug it at the same time, i have no idea – it just happens ๐Ÿ˜€

2) I keep all the books i've bought.  That include those that i used to read when i was just starting to learn how to read.  To date, my storeroom has over 1200+ books (we catalogued them some time back) On top of that, i can't stand dog-eared or folded or vandalised books, especially if they're my own.

3) I tend to sing the harmony and not the melody of any song that i happen to be listening to on my iPod, or any device with earphones.

4) In addition to my books, i keep all the notes i've had since JC.  I think my O level ten-year-series books are still somewhere in my cupboard.

5) I don't like to stop a song/game/book halfway and have to continue it another time – but if i have to i will

6) I get really annoyed at having absolutely nothing to do…ok maybe that's not so weird.

Gosh it took a lot to think of these – maybe i'm not as weird as i thought…i tag…mz and Klem ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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