I think i've said it once, and i'll say it again: it's so ironic that i blog more in the school term than i do in the hols. It's not that my hols are so busy (though this present one might conceiveably be as soon as RHOC Phase 2 sets in) that i don't have time to blog. Maybe it's just that i'm too lazy to think about things in the hols – then again, that's not really true. Probably the only true reason is that i procrastinate coz i have so much time on my hands that i think i'll probably be able to put anything up at a later time (by which time i would have conveniently forgotten what i wanted to blog, or how i wanted to blog the thoughts). Conversely, in the term time, since my laptop is nearly always accessible to me i just blog whatever comes out as soon as it comes out coz i have other things to attend to without thinking about what i'm blogging at that time.

Figures that's how things work haha 😀

But speaking of which, i really should do something about this habit – it pretty much cost me most of my grades this sem, and also creates a lot of avoidable stress which is unwanted. Case study 1: i could have done a lot of RHOC stuff when the hols just started but i was too lazy to, and as such i have to rush it these few days. Even with the rush i won't be able to complete it on time (which isn't really a critical issue in terms of planning, more so at a personal level)

Case study 2: i realised that i actually scheduled meeting up with a friend at the same timeslot as the Epi meeting this week. Note to friend: although i know you'll forgive me for this (at least i hope you will haha), i'm really sorry i have to postpone our meeting up this time round. I'm honestly rather annoyed at myself for forgetting that i had a meeting on that day, and this puts me in a rather compelling case to spend more money and get myself a proper organiser that i can carry around as opposed to writing things on random pages in my notebook, but at the moment i think i'll stick to the calendar in my phone. It was just unfortunate that i didn't note down the meeting although the date had been set during the exam mugging period – which is probably why i didn't note it in.

It's funny coz i've mostly been someone who can't stand just doing nothing at all – i absolutely have to have a focal point at any one point of time. Stoning during lectures doesn't count 😀 But i also don't like to be busy to the extent that i don't have time to myself. I suppose it goes for everyone, that we like to do what we like to do, when and how we want to do it. Unfortunately, or perhaps in some cases fortunately, we often can't due to a great number of things, some of which are called laws, rules and social norms…the list is inexhaustive. But i digress, and i really should be working on that aspect of my character.

How ironic.

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