Fell down into the drain after being accidentally bumped into on my way to bathe.  Well not quite into, but i scraped myself on my torso while twisting so that i would land on my butt eventually.

So now i have these three cuts that start from my lower chest, stretching onto my left bicep, and spreading downward…making it look like i just had a fight of sorts with Wolverine, except definitely less severe than if i really did.  Doesn't hurt unless i put soap or something of that sort on it, so i guess i'm quite ok, though it looks quite gross.

Maybe the only downside to it at the moment is that it's not deep enough to leave a scar that looks cool 😀 

  1. ohh thats cool. but if it scarred, it would be REALLY painful. ive got scars to prove that. they aren’t the coolest things on earth, but a few are fairly ‘cool’. but still, im now using this thing called ‘scar-heal’ cream to remove the more unsightly ones. those which people look at and ask me if ive got a disease. or maybe i just scar easily. or maybe im just highly accident-prone. anyway, happy healing.

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