Read this on Bobbert's blog today…and felt compelled to write something on it for more reasons that it just being my pet topic and that it is very close a topic to my heart in both aspects of that phrase.

One of the other reasons being that this is very real to everyone of us.

I have been through that, i have seen people go through that, i know people who are going through that and i have come to believe that there will still be people in the future who struggle with that very same issue that is actually so easily expelled. Just for the record i never would have thought it could have happened to me because i knew what was right and wrong, i knew the difficulties and i knew what were the consequences. Yet again, that was a very firm reminder that we are fallible and faulted even as some of us like myself fall into the trap of believing that we cannot be prey to such a situation as we are too strong and too "holy" to do so.

I do not believe in such things, in dating for fun or for the sake of dating, in seeing someone in a relationship without having the intention to see it through a lifetime.  Much less would i believe in sharing a life with someone i cannot share eternity without.  Honestly at the moment i'm having some doubts about myself in eternity, but that's not the issue here – that could easily take up a full length email and/or blogpost, and is better reserved for more private grounds.

Returning to the topic as a conclusion, I will say this: for those of you in such a situation, i do know what you're going through, i do know how it feels and i do emphathize with you.  But i also do know that it is possible to make it through; to wait, and make it through God's way.

Don't give up. God didn't give up on you. 

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