Was having meeting in RH library two nights ago and what went out just outside the second floor window caught my attention.

A host of fireflies were flying around in the darkness that blanketed the view due to the failure of a row of street lamps.

Little fires swirling around
Each other in the dark,
Like luminous bees around a flower garden,
Creating a web of light in persistant vision,
A whisk of wind which pushes the cloud
Just a bit.

But it stays just where it is
Each glint finding its way around the rush of air
Leaving the aftersight of glowing hair
As if each strand fell from above
Before each extinguishes.

A glint of light
A glimmer of hope
Things we have forgotten what they really mean
Or what they seem
But with each light that fades
Another is born.

That much, i want to be.

I will remember that beautiful sight and the comfort it brought. It’s a pity that i was so distracted these few days that i had forgotten to put this down in words, and even more so since i could not take a photo of it.

Yet i would hope words are enough to stir that memory. 

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