And so I’m Up

…At this unbelievable hour, in the RH library hours after a meeting had ended.  It’s kinda funny, coz i could conceivably be sleeping, but as everyone else is watching World Cup projected on the big projection screen and i initially wanted to do some work in the meantime (though i doubt i’ll be getting any sleep nor work till the match is over), i figure it’s sooner or later that i have to camp in the library to finish off work anyway.

Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems to me that i’m the only one rushing work while everyone else is playing games and watching World Cup and so on and so forth.  I just don’t understand why i’m always the one rushing for things to be done, and submissions aren’t getting in on time to external sides.  To be perfectly honest, i am solely responsible for some of the late submissions and things undone, but some of it (which is not as annoying as the former) is because other members of the committee are simply not pulling their own weight.  I never liked the way i had to depend on other people to get things done for me, but seeing as some times (like these) that i have no choice, i just have to learn to grin and bear it.  Maybe it’s this aspect of my character that i find so hard to deal with – to learn to depend on God.  It should be much easier, considering that God is infallible whereas humans are, though sometimes being intanglible makes it tough…at least for me.  I think everyone has a certain sense of right and wrong instilled in them – different people, however, value certain things over others, thus willing to compromise and do the wrong instead of the right even though they know which is which.   In view of that, i’d like to be able to justify my spending time blogging as everyone else is watching World Cup and cheering so loud that i can hear each voice through my headphones (not that i mind though, just descriptive) in that since everyone is pending time doing their leisure, so am i; but something still nags at me and tells me i should be doing a good job on what i’m doing.

I’m trying to start writing a book – it’s something that i wanted to do for a long long time, and a friend’s blog got me going again.  I would like to have at least finished the story so that it can be expanded, but at this rate i have no idea whether i’ll be able to get anything done.

So that’s all for today – i’m torn between writing and sleeping at the moment, but one thing for sure is that i’m going to stop this entry 🙂

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