Archive for July 9th, 2006

No, i didn’t get the words wrong – it really has been a hard night’s day, with the lack of sleep from singing the entire night at the last night of FOC, and coming back to hall only to have another overnight activity (in which i saw daybreak for the first time in a very very long time), and after which doing RHOC stuff until now.

I mentioned to my committee members today that sometimes i question why we are doing all this – we work so hard for something that will come and go and possibly leave no lasting impact, instead inviting criticism on what we’ve done and/or what we will be doing.  Even though we have fun most of the time doing things together, and we laugh it all off at the end of the day, i wonder more often about what the rest do this for.  CCA points to stay in hall, something to take up their time in holidays, experience in organising something of this scale, and so on and so forth.  I know why i’m here and why i’m doing it – it’s a way to reach out and i keep that in mind with each activity i plan and carry out.

I once blogged something along the lines of that if i could just touch one life, just one, and that would be it…then that would be enough for me.  That dream has not changed…instead my cry is now “just one more”.

A story was told of a man, who had the great potential to become rich and successful in the eyes of the world, but knew his calling and pursued instead a life in service to God.  He sold all he could and lived on bare essentials, giving all the leftovers to the poor.  He himself never went hungry for God had provided all he needed through the people around him.  This man could be seen in the slums, in the alleyways, in the schools, in the parks, always talking to people with a Bible in his hand and a smile on his face, never seeming to get tired.  “Just one more for Jesus” was his mantra – and he worked pretty damn hard for it.  And so his life went by eventful day after eventful day, cheery weeks and fruitful months turned into years of ministry…and the day came where he was lying on his deathbed.  Yet his old and frail frame strained against his now puny weight, unable to bear it with support, as he tried to reach out and pull himself up.  After his muscles failed him he collapsed on the bed, his lips creating a chant that could be heard by all those who had gathered around him.  “Gotta save one more…gotta save one more for Jesus”.

Sometimes i wonder if i can be such a man.  Just one more…just one more for Jesus.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ…for it is the power of God for the salvation to all who believe.

I am not ashamed of my God, who died and bled for me in the most horrifying way possible to redeem my sins.

I am not ashamed of who i am, who i was made to be, what my purpose is and what i believe in.

I am not ashamed of the truth.