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A Virtous Cycle

Nothing cheers you up more than cheering someone else up.


Please be warned that this post, ranting as it may be, is merely a form of release that i have at this very moment – it does not reflect the overall situation of things.

Yet another overnight RHOC outing – i think i’m getting used to this overnight thingy already, as much as it isn’t good for health.

Something struck me today on my msn list; two opposite msn nicks that seemed to stand out among the many more.  The first one read:

The strong survive, the weak are meat

And the second one was:

It is our duty to defend the rights of those who cannot do it themselves

I’m rather disturbed by the first as it was put by a churchmate of mine. As much as it’s just a nick (as was his justification), it protrays a very disturbing message that definitely should not be the mantra of one who follows the God of Love.  It simply reflects the state of the world today, in which we look out for ourselves and not other people.  Ironically, the second was put by another churchmate, who didn’t have the first person’s msn contact.

That being said, i’m honestly rather tired of “looking out for other people” here where i am. I’m sick of having work pushed to me because someone else comes up with excuses to slack, and having to do most of the other two person’s work myself.  I do wish i could just tell them off, but talking nicely to them doesn’t seem to do the job – i get replies like “it can’t be helped”, “that’s the way i am”, “it’s amazing we can even do so much (considering that we’re not doing very much at this level of manpower) and even “so what? who cares? not me.”  There are times where i wish i could just tell them to their faces and get it over and done with – even better if they would simply leave and the rest of us would at least be acknowledged for what we have done in their stead, seeing as all the work falls on our shoulders instead of theirs anyway.  Staying up late playing DOTA and watching soccer does not justify one’s lack of effort in the committee nor the extremely reduced amount of workload that one is doing, much less the attitude that one carries toward a COMMITtee that one has joined…there requires a certain amount of COMMITment toward it.

And so, having ranted on this space, i would like to say thanks to all the friends who have truly been real friends, and not taking me for granted.  Certainly this has taught me how to appreciate such people, and if i have sms-ed you one too many time in this season i ask for your forgiveness from my annoyance. 🙂  Currently i seem to be in the mood to meet up with old friends (seeing as i’ve been bumping into plenty of them recently) so please please please do drop me an sms or email if you’d like to as well – i’ll try to get away from RHOC for an evening or something, which shouldn’t be a problem if i have finished my workload.  Pretty please? 😀

Some people here deserve public acknowledgement, and so a big thanks goes to the following people: CCH, JM, Lavie, Looneylynnie and Shell (in no order of ranking) for listening to me and keeping me “company” even through emails or msn or sms.  I would like to sit down and talk with each one of you if time permits – so you’re all on my priority list. 😀