Archive for July 26th, 2006

No, nothing happened in my love life, despite the reference to the song from “High School Musical”…i know some of you reading this would think along those lines.

But the start is simply a new phase of life, one that comes every now and then.  The first change that i had was when i went through the “redbean” thingy…it’s not that i’m going to stop living out my destiny or anything, but all this while i was thinking about something that would suit me better – redbeanjon speaks of an aspiration, not who i am.  As all nicks would have it, it was hard to think of something that i know would be part of me for a long long while more, without reusing the “redbean” catchphrase.

It was thus that i chanced upon “Skribbler” (i.e. “scribbler”).  Bearing a slight reference to one of Mary Poppins’ Bert’s many jobs, i realised (while singing “Chim-Chimney”) that it is who i am.  I write and express.  I draw and colour.  I rhyme and compose.

It is something that has been given to me to aid my expression and to connect with other people, something that allows me to give my all each time i go on stage.

So along with the new name, there is a new look – or rather, a look that i had left behind a long time ago and am now reviving.  The person behind the name remains as he was the minute before he changed the name, and all such posts will still live on…but it will no longer be a redbeanwannabe who is identified to have written it.

It is now the Skribbler.

How appropriate that this new nick comes on this day. 😀