RHOC Day 1: Prove it.

So today was the first day of RHOC…i thought i’d put this all up if i can everyday, if for no more reason than a form of memory retention – even if i don’t go back into the archives and read it (which is actually quite likely), i remember it if i put it down in print (be it digital or on hardcopy – gosh i nearly said “analog”)

I realised how tiring and agitating being an I/C is. Note that i’m not really using the word “stressful”, mainly because i don’t believe that stress should occur in such a situation – it’s not something that will leave a mark on my life in that manner, and i think it’s something to be enjoyed. Which i honestly did, for leading each activity and seeing the people involved having so much fun is really such a joy. I think it was commendable that we adjusted to the necessary conditions in which we had to operate in.

But, if you may notice, that was the end of the good part. The bad part is that we actually had to adapt on the spot – which, if we followed exactly what was supposed to be done, we wouldn’t have to change things on the spot. Granted that certain things cannot be controlled when dealing with camps (such as sub-activity timings within an activity and the delay caused by campers) but there are most certainly other things that i would have deemed to have been perfectly controllable should one simply want to do so.

This was for two main reasons: firstly, nobody had much initiative. It was very much the same people being overworked (as it has been over the past few weeks, so i guess we’re kinda numb to it as well) while the others saunter around and do their own personal things often unrelated to the orientation program itself. By the end of the day we were pretty zonked out, though we’re happy with what happened and the freshmen enjoyed themselves.

Secondly, there was still a lot of things uninformed to us ground level people. On the execution of the events, the chairpersons were still informing us of certain things that were required either for the tradition of the event of something that was essential to it. Granted that the chairs were also helping with the execution, but although the fact that they actually had to help makes me feel bad – more so because everything should have been settled beforehand as opposed to feeling bad because they didn’t inform us.

All in all, at the end of the day i was quite disappointed with myself more than anything else. Perhaps it is true that i do beat myself up over things that are kinda small, but at the end of the day, something spoke out to me really loud.  It was in the middle of block orientation, and they were actually supposed to say something special about themselves – the objective being that the necessary talents for hall like singing, dancing, drawing, etc will be brought to attention.  What was being said however, were things that were very unique but not useful and the seniors were asking for something else: “If you think it’s something special you have to prove it – you must say something that you can prove.”

Point one: focus on what’s important.  What the seniors didn’t want or was not what they were asking for was rejected and the freshmen had to say something else.  Similar to what God wants – He wants us to focus on what’s really important.  As to what is important varies from person to person, it’s what God wants for that person

Point two: prove what you say.  Essentially another version of “walk your talk” but i don’t think the majority of us have internalized that just yet.  At the same time i don’t think there’s a necessity to elaborate what that means.

Day one was a learning experience.  Day two will be as well – updates will come delayed however, as i don’t think i’ll have the time to do so each and everyday.

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