RHOC Day Two: Be prepared

It’s really amazing how each day i learn something new.

A friend and committee mate suddenly felt ill during the game in which she was supposed to lead a group through the game. As a result, i took charge of the group one sixth into the game, meeting the group while there were at their first station of the games. Not that i minded – the alternative was actually hanging around the comm hall and settling my storyline stuff REALLY slowly. There wasn’t much to be done, but it wasn’t little either…kinda the just manageable kind, where it would have been nice to do it at a comfortable pace. I’m grateful for people who were there to help and to support me, especially for the prayers that were being rested on me – yes i could feel it. 🙂

Lesson one: do something with all your heart when you do it.  It was tiring being station master for the most active and dangerous station – apparently they felt that i could control the crowd best among the RHOCers.  The station was not without mishap – a girl got bonked in the face – but it was active and fun anyway.  The day was also fun, even the moving of stuff and manual labour.  We had a campus wide game and i was so grateful that i knew what was going on, which leads me to my next point.

Lesson two: be prepared. I could have easily spaced out during the meetings coz i wasn’t involved in the running around and leading.  But i’m glad to say i actually paid attention during the briefings and i bothered to come for it, coz i had to replace a committee mate.  Thankfully i helped to come up with the route for the movement so i was quite familiar with all of it, and it was great to see the stations that i had planned for that event come into use.  Being prepared for the entire event and actually knowing enough for me to be of use.  It felt great. =)

For both points – it comprised of things that i felt were important to my testimony.  I worked hard, and i played hard when i could.

Now all i need is hard rest 😉

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