RHOC Day4: White Hawk Down

You know, there are time where i really wonder how people think. Phrases such as “it can’t be helped” and “it’s like that one” never really convinced me, especially when it has to do with personal hygiene and completing a task that is well within your capabilities. If one is tired, then all one has to do is look at the rest of the committee – especially the half that is more tired than you.

I would never ask someone to do something that i can’t do either. It may sound harsh, but i would expect everyone to pull their own weight in working, especially in a committee. Which is why i simply don’t understand how is it that the person doing the least work, the least manual labour, the least activities (even in terms of intensity), who has the most sleep, the most free time to himself (and his girlfriend, of whom the two are like an exclusive club) and the most “sitting around time” can be excused from doing things due to exhaustion. I’m not male chavunist, but even the girls are doing more than him. It just kinda ticks me off – granted that every committee or group has one or more of these kinda people.

But that being said, today i concussed as well.  Perhaps it was the intensity that it had reached, and my constant forcing of being high for the past two days.  Perhaps it was the continued sleep debt that had been imposed, or even the constant working without giving myself a break when others are doing so.  I woke up after a short 3hours of sleep, felt dizzy and continued to do the necessary for the morning.  Once i got the responsibilities out of the way, i came back to the library i concussed.  Total knockout for a good 4 hours, to repay the sleep debt incurred, and after which i was/am still tired.

Lesson 1: Learn to rest.  It’s stated in the Bible that “the Lord grants sleep to those He loves.”  Read that correctly – it’s sleep, not rest, and i’m sure i didn’t misquote on that. I used to think that was a mistranslation, but apparently it isn’t because now i realise how important sleep really is, and very much how it affects one’s life as well as Life.  It makes one irritable, distracted, discoordinated and very much disoriented (wow that’s quite a few “dis”s).

Granted that i’m not going to be able to catch a good sleep within the next few days, but i am severly in need of exercise coz i can feel the lethargy creeping up with me.

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