RHOC Day 6: Being Happy

What a long day, despite waking up much later than usual. My lip still hurts like crazy and i’m wondering if i should have seen a doctor today – can’t eat hot food and drinking things like 100Plus stings.

But there’s something interesting about today that i learned, partly from negative experiences. Actually two things, but i can’t remember the first – which probably will come back to me later. Then again maybe not – i really should carry a notebook around with me all the time. But i’ll write the ones i remember first…

Lesson 1: Being happy is a choice. I woke up in the morning feeling really crappy and wishing that i didn’t have to do all that planning and being there as the organiser. Having an effective longitudinally split lip didn’t help the situation, and so i was pretty grumpy in the earlier part of the day. Later on, i started cheering myself up by doing stupid things like the “butt cheer”, for no reason at all. It made life a little bit more happy and most certainly put a smile on those around me, if for no other reason that i looked stupid. Honestly, i wouldn’t mind doing stupid crazy things like that if it made people happy.  Being happy in life is very much one’s own choice, no matter what comes your way, even if it was a committee member who doesn’t prepare his own logistics and ask me to find everything 5 mins before the event starts, or another one who constantly goes M.I.A., doesn’t carry her handphone around thus remaining uncontactable, and doesn’t pay attention to time (especially for those where meetings are supposed to start) and i have to go running around the entire hall looking for her.  It really is a choice, but one that i know i chose not to take.
Lesson 2: Organisation and courtesy is important.  As mentioned earlier, logistics had to be sourced from scratch by me.  In that short period, even though i managed to find everything, i had 5 minutes of sheer torture as i bludgeoned through heaps of unwanted rubbish, unused materials and stationary, to look for a simple wooden stand which was in possession of the person who asked me to look for it in the first place.  If that isn’t frustrating enough, each time i tried to ask for where he last saw it or where i should look because he was the last one to use it, all i got was a “you just go and find la!”  It was confusing enough as it is with me not being involved initially and being pulled in last minute.  People, if you want people to work with you or for you, you have to appreciate them and be nice to them – ordering them like your slaves isn’t the way to work, especially not in a committee.

With all the annoyances out of the way, the part i enjoyed today was the interaction with the year ones in the block initiation – i realised i’m really very much better on the ground than compared as an organiser.  In a way i wish that i really had more time to talk with them, it would have been a more effective use of my time given where i stand.

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