RHOC Day 8 & 9: Sacrifices

Combining the two days together because there were very few events over the two days (actually only two major events – the overnight at sentosa, and the committee fair) yet it was so important to realise that once again for something to be done there is a cost.

Lesson 1: There is a price to pay.  Although this is usually taken to mean something bad, like in the example of how my carelessness has led to me having to go for makeshift stitches on my fingers in the form of some weird strong adhesive tape (personally i think we should be using that to make our float instead of the wimpy masking tape), but it’s rather true for everything.  The price to pay for playing in the sun at noon is a sunburn (which i didn’t get haha) and the price to pay for working so hard and so late is the tiredness and the lack of sleep.  No doubt that certain prices don’t have to be paid, but are chosen to be made.  But more importantly i realised that at times for something to happen a personal sacrifice has to be made.  For the entire event to be a success some of us had to give up an hour or two of rest, a few burned fingers from the BBQ in addition a badly slashed set of fingers on my left hand for me.  I’d like to take a picture of it and show everyone how it looks like now but i don’t have bluetooth on my laptop and if i were to do that i think a lot of people will stop reading my blog. 😀

Lesson 2: Teamwork.  So often we forget that we’re all part of a team, be it God’s family, a ministry or even just a committee, secular or otherwise.  The only part about the entire event(s) was that when i had to do something by myself because no body wanted to help when i asked even though they were free.  At times it’s rather disappointing, especially as the ones who get the most rest and are the most awake and all are the ones who are always skivving (and vice versa of course) and the people who don’t get sufficient rest are the ones who are having a hard time doing things because they’re made to do them solo, whether intentionally or not.  Honestly, working together is harder with people who don’t wish to do so and all they do is complain, but at the same time, many hands make work light if it’s not to the extent that too many cooks spoil the broth.

That’s enough proverbs for now, i think i’ll take a break and get out of hall for a while…see y’all folks!

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