There Is A Place

There is a place
Where the clouds can race
And light fluffy dreams can fly
Where imagination soars
As the thunder roars
Without daring a baby to cry

Where the pace is calm –
Each breath a psalm
And the wind blows through the breeze
And the drizzle lands
Like a mist that was planned
And dampens the ground with glee

Where the sunrise beckons
As each morning awakens
To the cry of the spectrum of lights
And the dewdrops glisten
As the people listen
To the melody of stunning sights

Where each day flies through
Without knowing what else to do
But to bask in the sheer serenity
And the evening arrives
Calling the sun from on high
Curing madness to pure sanity

Where the stars more than sparkle
As they shine out a chuckle
With each position so carefully placed
And the moon gives a smile
As he bides his while
And waits for the day to break
One day i’ll be there
Without knowing how or where
Perhaps even gone without a trace
But for now as i stay
On this earth as i may
I know deep inside: there is a place.

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