RHOC: The Last Two Days

Well it’s finally over.  Maybe i shouldn’t have used the word “finally” – makes it seem like i was so eagerly awaiting for it to end; i have mixed feelings about RHOC ending, and i’m looking forward in a sense to seeing the term start proper, and getting more sleep (though probably not enough anyway haha).

And it had to be that the final event was under my jurisdiction.  Honestly i can’t think of anything offhand that i learned from the past two days.

But maybe just one thing from the entire orientation that i’d like to bring back through my life.

Lesson Numero Uno: whatever you do, do it as unto to the Lord and not unto men.

  1. Amen Bro!
    Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord and not unto men.

    Christian Living in a secular world. It’s not about doing things to please the people around us. It’s all about pleasing God, honouring Him and glorifying Him through our actions and words which are breathed out from Christ Jesus within us. His love is magnifested through us to our friends around us. When we work, we work for Christ. The people around us would have the privilege to see the image of Christ through us.

  2. I would most certainly hope so – only that i fear that they see myself more than Christ in my actions.

  3. Ha. Give Jesus some credit lah.. I am sure they have seen Christ in you. =)

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