Here We Go Again

And so school starts again, practically so for me, as my first lesson was today.  Three hours of discussion and theories is no joke, especially for a Human Resource module. (it’s HR2002, by the way, one of the requisites for engineering students to take in order to graduate.)  Honestly why it’s a requisite is beyond me – perhaps they feel that we engineering students simply can’t relate to humans at all. 😀

But as the sem starts, i can’t help but feel apprehensive again.  Don’t know if the responsibilities weighed upon me are too much and i stupidly (like my sem2 last year) overcommitted to things that i cannot fulfill.  There are many things i want to do, many things i want to improve and many things i want to start.  I would like to put some of these things on hold, but among this list there are also many things that i am running out of time for.  Each day i wake up with a reminder that we are merely human, bound by the 24 hours that we have, and limited by the amount of energy we can amass each night.

Random thought: i really should try to get a bit more sleep than usual to catch up with the sleep debt that i accumulated with RHOC…i’m still feeling the effects up till now.  And no, Joel, i didn’t “sell my soul” to RH. 🙂

I would really like to take this two weeks to start exercising again before tutorials start and time is really short. Next week labs start, and weekends are set aside already.  I really must make it a point to pay attention in class this year so that i don’t have to do so much studying on the side.

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