Skribbler’s Skribblings

Been a while since i had a good movie to enjoy, much less one that is this thought provoking.

Caught “Click” with a good friend today and had a great time chatting and catching up, something that he and i have been unable to do since i’ve been so busy with RHOC.  And of course the movie experience was only heightened by the company, but knowing me, everything i watch or hear triggers me thinking again…this time about life.

Adam Sandler was able to fast forward his life or look back into his past to remember things as well as skip the bad parts of life…at the end of it all, what was left with him was merely his career, and something that he missed out was the company of his family – wife and kids.  He learnt his lesson a bit too late (at least for the significant part of the movie) and i most certainly wouldn’t want to go the way he did.

But for one, it did remind me how important people are to us, more so our loved ones.  Perhaps the feeling is so much more accentuated as i’ve been having very little time with my family, and even with the people i would like to be hanging out with.  Which is not to say i don’t enjoy the time i have with my friends that i’m hanging out with now, just that at times i wish i had more than 24hours so that i could really keep up with those i hold dear.  So, so, so important is our family.

Now then, what’s so bad about skipping all the bad parts of your life?  Well for one, if we did that, then perhaps life would be far too easy, and we’d miss out on what i would consider to be great learning experiences, and in the movie, Adam Sandler found that he missed out on a large portion of life.  Is life was all up and no down…then where’s all the striving and challenge of life? What would make it so great?  Life isn’t a big problem that needs to be solved, but a journey to be enjoyed; nonetheless, if the downs don’t exist, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that we’d never appreciate the ups.

And once again, my thoughts fly to the place where i wish to be.   Or the time, rather.

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