…but i thought mondays were the ones where you’re supposed to have the blues? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it’s a sunday afternoon and i’m sitting at LT7a (which unfortunately at the moment has dysfunctional air-conditioning) waiting for my project groupmates to arrive so that we can start doing our presentation preparation and powerpoint slides for this coming tuesday. Figures.

It just seems these days there’s not much motivation for anything academic lying around. Yeah work gets done, but in an annoyed and frustrated mood, which i’m really trying to fight against because i don’t like having to do something that i’m placed to do in such a mood and give it to God as an offering. Yet i’m not really “in the mood”, so to speak, to decipher what my lecturers with speech defects have to say about rate of heat transfer and impulse-momentum principles.

I must say, however, that what a friend blogged about CAP scores and it causing us not to be able of enjoying yourself in work (or as is in our case, studies) is particularly very real to me, and may i suggest, to most of us as well. Deny it if you will and proclaim that “it’s ok if i graduate with a lower honours” or “i don’t bother about things like that”, but truth be told, close to 100% of us actually worry or bother about it seriously. It’s clearly reflected even in msn nicks that i see on my list.

I’m no exception to this rule, but i know that i do want to enjoy what i learn, even for the sake of acquiring knowledge. Which is why perhaps i did better in sem 1 despite playing so much more. Perhaps it wasn’t the repetition of syllabus nor the more time i had on my hands to sleep/relax/play – perhaps it was simply that i took things easier on myself and didn’t kill myself with the stress of pushing up my CAP. Perhaps perhaps perhaps…sounds like “Falling Spinning” again, and i should stop thinking perhaps and start thinking and DOING. At some point of time in life we all fact dilemmas and changes that we can learn to accept, we can resist (sometimes out of wisdom) and we can struggle against the inevitable.

But that being said, it has been quite a packed week, both mentally and physically – though i suppose the mental goes without saying. It’s been one after another activities throughout the week and i have to steal an hour here and there just to be still and have time alone. Though i must say that this is the first time in a long time i appreciate being alone, it’s also the first time in a long time that i appreciate having friends around me because it’s been so hectic that without them i’d never know i was running on empty. Yeah that’s how bad it has been for the few of us – we didn’t even know we were killing ourselves till someone told us.

Despite it being a killer of a week and a presentation and test to prepare for coming up in the next week (i.e. this week), i can safely say i had a good time meeting up with people over meals, over msn and sometimes over lecture/lesson breaks 😀  It really is so wonderful to hear from people and to be actively involved in their lives.  And for some weird reason i suppose i find great joy in simply talking to those i know – even if it does take up some of my sleep or study time. 🙂

  1. wee

    Of course, that’s my msn nick you’re talking about. Heh…

  2. lol yeah maybe it is – but you’re not the only one 😉

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