Skribbler’s Skribblings 5

Thought i’d start the day with a few reflections instead of my usual ending it with just that.  And since i’ve got a few minutes to spare before class i thought i might as well blog as well – seeing as it hasn’t been touched for a while (or at least it feels like it).

Recently i was wondering why everything seemed so messed up.  At the beginning of the sem, everything was dandy – i was improving on handball, studies were going ok, things were progressing and i was generally doing really great. Taking into account the fact the workload and responsibilities do increase as the sem goes by, i still felt that things were crumbling down now.  So i took my restless body on a run which turned out to be far longer than i intended, just to work out all these thoughts.

I guess the simple answer would be that i have a lot of things on my hands – but then again who doesn’t?  I know of so many that have so much more to do and i think that what i’m doing now is stil bareable by my standards. The more complete answer would be equally simple: i hadn’t been spending much time with God, not as much as i should.

Don’t get me wrong, i do spend time praying, doing BS, ministering, etc.  And in the midst of it all, the focus was on God.  But it felt as if now there should be more – more time committed consciously to Him, more time spending delving into the pages of the Word, and on a separate note, more things surrendered to him.  I guess it’s not something that’s really logical because with the shortage of time one’s instincts scream out to squeeze every bit of time one has to doing what needs to be done.  Then again, this to me is something that needs to be done for my own sake so i guess in a manner of speaking, it does sound logical.

In the midst of all the activities and my wants and desires, God is still pointing me into a particular direction.  I’m not too sure where it leads, but i’ll just have to trust once again.  It’s rather interesting how once something gets settled in the mind, the next relevant issue automatically pops up to take its place.

I wish God would nudge me more 😀

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