Tiny Skribbler’s Skribblings 6

I realised that to my prior post/poem on “A Tiny Tale“, i hadn’t posted for almost a week. Now for some that would be pretty normal (Evan, i hope you’re reading this), but i guess for me it’s not because it sure feels like a long time since i last logged in an did something significant here.

I suppose i should first explain why the “tiny” thing has come up, seeing as a lot of people are asking me that question. Obviously it’s has nothing to do with the size of a certain male body part as some of you pervs out there are bent on thinking – rather it’s more to do with the realization that in the cosmis sense we are really so small that it’s frightening. For an illustration, go look into the clear night sky (if you can somehow see beyond the haze these days) and look at all the stars. Then think: those stars are all like our Sun, and we’re on this planet which is so much smaller than that, and then obviously we’re so much smaller than the planet we’re on. That’s how small we are.

We are not in control of anything – even though we try pretty damn hard to be. People like me believe that they can change the world, and perhaps one day we will, but not by our own strengths. In the scheme of the Big Plan, we really cannot do anything but live out our tiny little lives. You ever look at ants and wonder how they get by running around and what they’re thinking? Maybe God might have that perspective on us, minus the wondering what we’re thinking and where we’re going coz He knows everything anyway 🙂 That’s how tiny we are. Dust mites on a grain of sand called the Milky Way in the galactical beach.

But in discovering our “tiny-ness”, perhaps the most appropriate thing to do is then acknowledge that we are helpless to ourselves and bow to the God of gods, relying on His mercy, strength, grace, love, joy, peace, and so on and so forth.  And in truly surrendering ourselves to that we then will be able to move onward in our lives with less struggle, for no other reason that we have given some of them up to Him.

Today i might have seen a glimpse of what love is, in its pure un-Hollywood-romance- adulterated version.  I have to say that it touched me deeply knowing that it came not out of a romantic intention but that of Eternal perspective; it couldn’t have come from anywhere else.  Perhaps it is fitting that the song i’ve been listening to the entire day is “Love Will Keep Us Alive” by The Eagles, though it wasn’t written in that context.

The past week(s) have been insane.  Calculations, measurements, designing, tutorials and labs.  It sure feels like an engineer’s life and not one of an engineering student, but i guess i can’t really complain.  One thing’s sure though – with this kinda life and work, i’m sure as heck not going to be an engineer in the future.  Then again, i shouldn’t speak too soon – God has a wacky sense of humour 😀

As usual, thoughts have been through my mind and i’m very thankful for certain people around me to keep my thoughts in check.  I always say it’s a great journey and i truly believe that, and despite all my crabbin’ and complainin’ i wouldn’t trade in what i have for the world.  Sometimes it’s just so hard to focus on what we have and be happy – too often we grow numb and become nonchalant, or focus on what we don’t have and that makes us unhappy.  On that note, i was reminded of a very true fact that i once read in (beat this) a Marvel Comic Book:

Too often we are smote with plagues that shake our world: war, pestilence, famine and the like.  ‘Tis in times of peace where such vast worries are absent in which we can have the luxury of petty concerns.  And therein lies the secret.

The secret to what, you may ask. To being happy? To being successful? Perhaps. But i think the true secret lies somewhere else, and it really isn’t a secret anymore.

Perhaps all it takes is for us to realize that we are simply tiny.

Thank you folks, you’ve all been a good audience tonight! Please wipe your hands before you leave or the Ministry of Health will hold no responsibility for any mishap that might occur to you while you cross the street should you be looking at your hands and saying “Out, damn spot!” while you should be looking both ways (one after another, of course) before you cross the street.

And don’t forget to tip the ushers! 😀

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