For some reason this morning i woke up with a memory of a friend who has left this earth for a better place.

Maybe it was because i was talking to Evan the other day, and she mentioned someone in her church who had cancer, but is getting better.

I will remember the conversations i had in school with him, even though we weren’t exactly close. Despite that, he took effort to delve into each person’s life, never having any preconceived notions about anyone and ignoring all comments from other people about the person – he wanted to start each person on a clean slate, finding out about them for himself.

I will remember the day he stopped coming to school – because it was the day where we all noticed someone was missing. It was sad that at that point of time it was merely “someone” who was missing and we couldn’t place a name to the presence, yet we knew that an important individual was absent.

I will remember the day he came back with his head bald from chemotherapy, yet his unwavering smile still danced about his face, his deep heart showed through his weary words. He had lost weight from all the treatment and looked tired and pale, but never once did he show any signs of pain or sadness, even if he did feel any. Each step was burdensome, yet he would walk all around the canteen meeting up with people that he knew, talking to them.

I will remember the day i heard about his agony finally ending. His fight against leukemia had finally ended. Some said he lost it – we believed he won the real battle.

I will remember the things we said about him, and the sadness we felt as we spoke in past tense.

I will remember what a friend he was.

Kangfei. You will not be forgotten.

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