Won’t You Walk With Me?

Through the valleys and the mountains
Over streams and rivers flow
On the wide and grassy meadows
Or the paths of glossy snow

Smell the flowers by the roadside
Brave the storms that come our way
Trudge the uphill, sprint the down
Watch the sunrise day to day
Feel the raindrops on our shoulders
Warm the skin with rays of sun
Catch the rainbow’s floating colours
And the sunset when day’s done
Lie on cool and grassy fields
Gaze at shapes formed by the clouds
Dance the night around each other
Find the days to sing out loud
Ride the waves that crash upon us
Glide the winds that blow to shore
Sail upon the choppy waters
Dive toward the ocean floor
Run across the dry and barren
Find a rest beside the springs
Judge the acting of the shadows
Mimic songs from gusts of wind
Peer at things that would amaze us
Laugh at that which would amuse
Wipe the tears that fall from eyes
Stand by choices that we choose
Give a hug to brace the sadness
Blow a kiss to quell the fears
Hold a hand between each other
As we walk on through the years
Won’t you walk with me on this path of life?

Who ever you are.

  1. Jason

    I like it, good work 🙂

  2. I read it the second time.
    I am more patient this time in understanding every bit of the intrinsic details that you’ve put into this poem.
    Somehow, could sense that effort that you’ve invested when you write it.

    Is not longwinded for me this time. Hee.. Great things take time to appreciate.. Lingering in the beautiful images that your words carefully painted. =)

    Could sense that you deeply desire for that person to appear and hold your hands to walk with you through the years and seasons.

    “Smell the flowers by the roadside
    Brave the storms that come our way
    Trudge the uphill, sprint the down”

  3. heh.

    it’s that obvious huh. 🙂

    but i think more than that person, i want to feel God beside me each step of the way of my life…that would be more precious 🙂

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