We know that Jesus experienced everything that we go through, every emotion, every pain, from being fully man yet fully God.

I wonder if Jesus ever had one of those days where everything seemed to go wrong?

Most certainly He did – but i’m not talking about the Crucifixion.  And even that was well within His anticipation so it wouldn’t really fit the category

Maybe as a boy He struck a nail where it wasn’t supposed to go.  Maybe one day Joseph had a bad day and came home in a grumpy mood and young Jesus with the best of intentions got scolded over something that wasn’t His fault.  Maybe He couldn’t get enough to eat that day, or all his “blueprints” for furniture looked more like “blurprints”.  Or He hit His thumb with the hammer while making a bench.  Or He spilled His afternoon meal on the ground.
Ok i’m aware that some of those things honestly are ruled out simply by the fact that He was fully God (though limited in the rules He created and chose to abide by while He was in His human form), but it still is interesting to think about it.

Perhaps, having a higher perspective of things that occurred on the earth, He wouldn’t be bothered as much as we are by such matters.  Perhaps such things didn’t constitute a “bad day” for Him simply because He had a more eternal and cosmic viewpoint.

Just a thought for today.

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