Another thought

Is it possible to be too busy to feel lonely?

Although that happens at times to many people, does that really constitute as not feeling lonely? Or is it simply not noticing that you’re feeling lonely, analogous to working so hard to the extent that you don’t feel hungry?

(Not that the latter ever occurred to me, so i would be unable to relate personally to that)

I suppose this is kinda like the question “if a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

For the record, my personal opinion to that is yes, it does – the tree falls and makes a sound, regardless of whether anyone is around to hear it. If no one hears it, a sound is still made, simply that no one gets the pleasure of hearing the “SMASH” that happens when it finally hits the ground. It’s like asking “if you close your eyes and turn on the lights in the room, is the room lit up” – whether the room is lit up or not is not dependant on your ability to see whether it is. Similarly, whether the tree makes a sound or not is not dependant on your ability to hear it.

So in relation to my previous musing, i suppose when one is too busy to feel lonely, it means just that; it’s not that you’re no longer lonely, it’s just that we occupy ourselves too much that we lose the ability to feel lonely even though it’s still there.

And as an afterthought – we do that pretty much to God as well don’t we? Keep ourselves so busy in action and doing things. Justify it as “service” and “ministry” if you will, but it doesn’t deny the fact that may lie behind your actions – that you, in the midst of all your hustle and bustle and flurry of activity, have forgotten your God, who is a jealous God.

As have I, many times in my life.

Yet He forgives time and time again. Such is the nature of our God – much like the falling tree, such is His nature, whether we choose to witness it or not.

But when we do, how marvellous a sight it is.

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